Leave Me Alone Anxiety

I wish this anxiety would leave me alone I am tired of it controling my life for 18 years. I am now agoraphobic when anxiety started I could run to a safe place which was usually away from people. Now my safeplace keeps getting smaller and smaller it isnt my own home anymore. I have no where to run to now because it is with me all the time now. People think I do not like them and do not want to be around them. That is not true it has nothing to do with anyone it is avoidence behavior. that has led to depression.  I even tried commiting suicuide once to get out of feeling this way and I could'nt even die after cutting my own rist with A razor blade. Insomnia has been messing with me for 8 months this the worst of all,  atleast I could sleep away my panic, worries, depression,etc without insomnia..
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I just hope you can write more about how you feel and find this a relief. There are so much to learn from your stories and you'll never know how you can help others also, with your testimonies. Thanks for sharing your story, It was an enlightment.

I happy to hear that :)

I have exaclty the same kind of anxiety, and along with panic attacts it is really hard to go anywhere. It seems to just get harder and harder to go out at all. It does scare me that one day itl end up so bad that i just cant face going outside.<br />
People do notice and its so embarrasing that its alot easier to just run away all the time but then i feel more stupid. Sorry ive got no advice or anything...its just nice to talk about it to people who know.

I do not mind talking about this I am glad to finally find someone who understands you are welcome to message me or whatever if you need to talk.. take care and hang in there

The ob<x>jective has to be to make these feelings loose thier power without resorting to drugs n alcohol, i think.

Ive written somthing on it called 'The security of attempt denial'. Have only lightly touched on a small aspect of this curse from within. Much could be written showing the negative power it has and the areas it seeps into within our self made destiny. It may not be that evident to everyone as its a real self awareness thing. It really does control us and what we become.

What I am trying to figure out is how do people with this go out and on with their day because I need things form stores and have doctors appointments

If it helps tp write about it then carry on. I find EP writing theraputic and it kinda calms me putting feelings into words knowing others experience similar.

Do you have fear that steals your confidence and abilities

yes i do

my first story what a rush, panic attacks ars just sometime, I may go 3 months without one, the generalized to moderate anxiety is almost all the time.

So do you feel anxious even without the full blown panic attack? Does your new program not help with this too?