The Security Of Attempt Absence

    Fear has crippled me all through my life.  Fear of failure has prevented me from trying all aspects of acheivement.   I simply resigned myself to a 'i could never do that' attitude or 'im not good enough',  then i didnt have to feel the experience of failure, which is the payoff.  Actually im so attune to it that i make sure i fail to feel comfortable and this selfproves my theory.  I am not comfortable with success as it just doesnt sit right with me. How screwed up is that.
But the cost is to only have the livable drab minimum  and continual inadiquacey in my brief life. 
Yes u guessed it, im a child of sex abuse as a toddler!
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2 Responses Dec 26, 2011

The things ive been writing lately , well its down right embarassing. At least its only Lagatta reading them.

Sorry! (hugs)