My doctor says I have anxiety but I'm having trouble believing her I think something else is wrong with me but my family and friends agree with my doctor.i just woke up 2 months ago feeling like I could not breath heart racing and sweaty I wanted my husband to take me to the hospital and he kept telling me I was fine and Then a few days went by and I felt ok but then it came back again while I was sleeping then that's where it happened every night after that and it just got worse heavy chest dizzy lightheaded at one point I was not eating and I could not walk very well so my husband finally took me to the hospital when I first got there my heart rate was thru the roof then it calmed down about 20 min later so they did a chest X-ray took blood and they found nothing but I went to a specialist and they did a stress test and ultrasound to the heart and I was hooked up to a 48 hr monitor and they found nothing again and he said its anxiety so I thought I would feel better and go back to normal but it has not happened and i went to a cardiologist and she said there is something with my heart but it's not a problem and it is not causing my issues so she said anxiety again I have been taking Ativan and it helps but not a lot like it should it's been 2 months and I'm still shaky trouble breathing always dizzy and light headed and I can't sleep very well I'm going crazy I still don't believe my doctors I'm loosing weight too which is scaring me but they say the same thing Idk what too do and who to believe can someone out there please help me!
hippo1117 hippo1117
36-40, F
May 25, 2014