Not Feeling Normal

i first started having panic attacks when i was 27 i am now 45 its been a long hard road the doctors where i lived at the time thought i was having a heart attact they did not know what  a panic attack was after 5 r 6 trips to er an they did nothing 4 me  i soon realized beer would make my attacks go away so almost all of the 90s i drank just to leave my house i had 3 little children to take care of i would havehave to drink a 6 pack just to go to a school funtion  it was horrible because sometimes the beer didnt work i finally moved in 2001 to my old hometown i went to a doctor i told him my whole story he put me on xanax i was so happy i felt normal 4 the 1st time in along time i stopped drinking i could go with my kids to do stuff i could go to there school i could be there mother  now there all grown 19 20 an 25 i pray to god that this is not inherated because i wouldnt wish my worst enemy to have panic attacks i can write so many stories about this i will later if anyone is interrested

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1 Response Mar 28, 2010

So ru still on xanax?