It's Been Happening a Lot Lately

I don't know, I guess maybe I've been stressed more than I really realized. I know the last couple of days I haven't really been myself but the whole dreams thing has been going on for a couple of months or so now, at least it seems that long.

I have the most horrible dreams too, and yet for some reason they don't bother me like I think they should. I don't have trouble going back to sleep after wards, but while I'm having them I feel pretty terrible, and they depress me the next day. The only one that really bothered me was the one I had last night, I dreamt I was dumped. Seems silly that this is what bothered me, not the other ones, which were really by a far length much worse, much much worse.

DelightfulBabe08 DelightfulBabe08
Mar 1, 2009