The Lonely Kids Need Help

well i was sleeping last night and i remembered the movie the orfanage well i started dreamin about it and i could hear some kidz cry i got scared and wanted 2 get up but i could int it was like if they were asking 4 help i remembered this guy in my dream had gotten 1 of the kidz took  him in a deep ocean of waterand threw him in there and he went after him and started rapin the kid so under the water there were more kidz in a box but the box was closin they were telling the kid that was raped 2 hurry up but the kid didnt made it he started crying and i could hear the other kidz cry 2 so the kis was sayin 2 help him so i also dreamed my mom and some friends my mom had a note book pad and was calling the kids out and 4 them 2 wright there problems in a peace of paper and she would help them but the kidz werent alive they were hunting and couldnt rest in peace and they would be bad 2 people cuz no 1helped them 

0545naomi 0545naomi
Mar 2, 2009