A Firsthand Account Of A True And Very Scary Incident

This article is about a true incident that took place on the 24th of December, 2006. I went to bed as usual. My parents were in the next room (thank goodness!). That night, I had a dream.

I found myself standing alone on the rooftop of a tall building wearing my thickest jacket. It was night time, and through the thick fog, I could make out the flat rooftops of other buildings around me. I knew in my dream, that I had been called here to keep an appointment with someone. I walked back and forth for a minute trying to get warm; and then as I turned around, I saw someone waiting for me quite at the other end of the terrace. 

It was a woman, but unlike any other woman you'd have seen. Her skin was thick and pale, with a waxy sheen to it. Her shoulder-length black hair was straight, lank, and glossy. Her unsmiling face had features that seemed blurred and distorted, as if they were made of melting wax. I remember that she had large, liquid black eyes, which slanted at different angles on her face. In the middle of a particularly cold winter night, she wore a long backless chiffon dress, with black-and-white zebra prints on it.

I walked towards this apparition and we had a short conversation, none of which I remember. As we finished our chat (I can't remember if it was pleasant or unpleasant - it must've been neutral), she walked some distance away, climbed onto the terrace wall and jumped right off, before my very eyes! I gave a little yelp of shock, and ran after her. Peering over the wall, I saw her sitting on the broad window-ledge below me. Laughing at my concern, she started jumping from one window-ledge to another in the colony of buildings (somewhat like Spider-man). I shouted after her:
"What are you doing? Aren't you afraid you'll fall down?"
Her voice floated back to me:
"Only those who look down, fall down."
As I turned around to go back, I found her standing right behind me, now smiling evilly. Her grotesquely broad grin revealed crooked, gapped teeth, and her mouth was covered with sticky red blood. The next moment, she pounced upon me.

I woke up in bed with a start. My heart was beating wildly, the blankets were off me, and I was covered with sweat. I lay there for a whole minute, as stiff as a board, my blood pounding in my ears. Now, I could faintly hear a floaty female voice singing right outside my closed window (this bit could've been my imagination freaking out). My cellphone, which was lying on my bedside table, lit up and vibrated, announcing a text-message. With shaking hands, I rearranged my blankets, and picked up my cellphone. It was 1 o'clock in the morning. The message read: "Merry Christmas, swthrt! Gt up n see wht Santa has got 4 u! N gud morning........ :-)".

I was too numb with shock and fear to react. I just lay in bed and shook hopelessly. A minute later, I could hear my Mom's tread in the next room. She must've woken somehow - thank my stars! Crawling out of bed, I went into my parents' room. My Dad was awake too - he had just had an attack of sinusitis and Mom had gone to fetch him a nasal decongestant from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Almost crying with relief, I recounted my nightmare to my parents, and showed them the text-message. I slept between my parents that night.

The next morning (on Christmas Day), my Dad called up on the number from which I had got the message. No one received his repeated calls. We decided to let it be - after all many telephone lines get jammed during festive times and cross-connections and cross-messagings are not uncommon. 

The dream preceding the eerie text-message was one of those vivid dreams that make you feel as if you were really present there. It has been many years since I had this nightmare, but it still sends shivers down my spine to think of it.
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That was incredible! I didn't have the dream and yet your description of it is enough to set my hair on end. I am no stranger to truly bad nightmares but after reading about your dream mine seem as frightening as a Disney cartoon. Have you ever had the dream again or any similar dream?

Thank you... :-)
I never had the same dream again (once was enough!), but I've had other dreams that were equally scary. I've had nightmares ever since I can remember. In fact, once my roommate complained to the warden that she didn't want to share a room with me anymore because of my nightmares!

Interpretation: fear of the future.


"To see a roof in your dream symbolizes a barrier between two states of consciousness. You are protecting or sheltering your consciousness, mentality, and beliefs. The dream provides an overview of how you see yourself and who you think you are.
To dream that you are on top of a roof, symbolizes boundless success. If you fall off the roof, then it suggests that you do not have a firm grip and solid foundation on your advanced position."

In my opinion...

The woman was a personification of your fears. Her melty appearance suggests that you fear change....pretty reasonable for someone reaching adulthood. Her underdressed-ness symbolizes you feeling unprotected, unprepared...and then her attacking you-well, our fears are always ready to reach up and bite us.

So I'd suggest bringing out fears of your future, getting them "in front" of you on paper, so they can't sneak up behind and bite you, so that they are more expected and compensated for.
...And then, the dream is quite clear, don't look down-charge ahead with your life-full tilt and all-out...and you won't fall.

As far as hearing her...you may have "heard" her; hypnagogic hallucinations aren't that uncommon: For instance, one time I woke up, saw my arm covered with mosquitoes, slapped my arm, then realized there were no mosquitoes, but my arm was tingling painfully from being laid on and having the circulation cut off.

The text message? I'd have to get Jungian on that...Jung would call that a synchronicity. It highlighted the importance of the dream.
I take really weird coincidences as the Universe telling me to pay close attention. I have them, I think a lot of people do, but they may not notice them.

I don't know how old you were when you had this...but that demon lady told you something important.

... or maybe I was really visited by a malevolent supernatural spirit.
Thank you for your long interpretation - it was very illuminating. I've had many unusual dreams (its a regular thing with me) and I'll write more articles about them later. I know about the site www.dreammoods.com, but had stopped visiting it recently because I doubt if you can assign universally applicable meanings to dream symbols. So the interpretation should be different for different people, right? I've tried many times keeping a dream diary, but it never worked out, unfortunately. I was fourteen years old when I had it and was pretty creeped out for many days after. And I really wish I remember what the scepter told me...

"... or maybe I was really visited by a malevolent supernatural spirit."
Could be...and no, dream dictionaries generally give you a bunch of general meanings, you sort of have to sort them out, figure out which one fits the best...or realize none fit.
...One interesting exercise is to interpret notable events in your day as if they were dream symbols...as if they had personal relevance.
...Maybe they do. Maybe they don't. If you read them as if they do, the results are interesting.

It does do to remember the human brain sorts patterns, has a tendency to see patterns in nonsense.


excellent story, a very classic gothic tale, even better if its true

Thank you... it is, indeed, true.


you use language very effectively

Quite an interesting individual you are. How did you get so articulate and descriptive in your writing style?

Thank you... I've always loved expressing myself through words.