Very Vivid, Very Real

1-3 this is alpha, over.
Go ahead alpha.
Coming through assassin's gate...going hot.
Roger alpha. Going hot

Hypha street, headed for 3rd ID bridge to go thru the market at the circle.

1-3 this is alpha, over.
Go ahead alpha.
The traffic today seems awful light.
Roger alpha. Everybody on your toes.

Over the crest of the bridge. Down to towards the circle.

The market and vendors below to the left are busy. Light traffic at the circle ...BOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh ****! Where am I? What do I do? Oh hell driver...good look back abas is good... the civilian i gunner....oh hell "say something V " "I'm good sgt."
...truck is good. What the hell is yelling in my head!!??

Alpha this is 1-3 ...sit rep
1-3 this is alpha explosion in the market 50 meters my 9 o'clock over the side of the bridge. Probably a vbied. Oh **** there are wounded walking out....permission to circle the trucks and assist ....over
wait one alpha.....
Wait one!!?? That lady is stumbling out of the smoke with one arm and her son holding the other. Wait one!!??

Alpha, this is 1-3...5-7 says negative that request. Charlie mike.

1-3 we have the supplies and we can protect the packages. There are alot of wounded.

The lady with her right arm gone is on the ground and her son is looking at us crying.

Negative alpha...charlie mike
Roger 1-3.
DAMN IT!!!!!

We drive on.
CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
41-45, M
Dec 14, 2012