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I am no better than anyone else; however I am a student of God for eighteen years now with His greatest teaching being during these past 3 years and each day to come as I have absolutely no other life; therefore I am not liked because of the words of truth that God has given me that no one believes or wants to hear just as the words of Christ state in John 15:18-19; therefore I just accept all things as God said they would be.


In other words feel free to judge, condemn and not like me as my love for all shall hold no bitterness. One of my favorite verses in the entire Bible is written in Ephesians 3:19.


“And to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”


What more could anyone ever want for eternity? There is nothing that could ever be greater than being filled with the fullness of God!! How much love do you have for others?


To me, my mind becomes totally baffled as to why so many can see so little of what’s clear and easy to read in His word of instruction called the Holy Bible. It’s like the rapture that so many pastors have falsely taught, and they actually believe it themselves, yet ignore living by every word and proving all things.

The reason that strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leads unto life, and few there be that find it is because of not having God’s love, which is not having faith, which is not being humble, which is having what God hates called pride.


What hurts me so bad is the mega multi thousands that I went through in times past through so much care that it left me with nothing, then when I turned in need to churches where so much of my past finances went, it’s like a concrete wall without openings.


 From my head injury in 1988 I got a settlement in 1993 of $380,000 dollars. I helped a whole family from a Bunn, to a car, to taxes owed, construction equipment and more. As a result I was quick to lose $75,000 via unsecured bankruptcy. A church building fund was another $5000. I had bought a brand new Crown Victoria Touring Sedan from with $23,000 cash. Well over a years time I got fed up with a front end noise they could not seem to fix and decided to trade it in on a Windstar mini van. Because of my head injury my brain did not work to well, so I give them the title of the Crown Vic and got a leased van for three years of payments with a payoff near the amount that I had paid for the Crown Victoria.


Welcome to the rip off world that’s over loaded with greed, hate, theft, murders and atrocities with no end within a world of sadness when it comes to the details of how so many die each day worldwide.


 I was pronounced permanently disabled by shrinks and the neurosurgeon, yet because my funds went so quick I went back to work by traveling the highways from one job to another as a welder all over America. The trouble was I just could not seem to stay at one job very long so I was going through more money than I was earning. When being on the interstates and rural routes and would see someone broke down; I was often one to stop and help. When back into town between jobs I would give to Goodwill, The Home for Battered Women, medical research donations, different church speakers, Feed the Children, and I even sponsored a child. I could go on and on about how my heart worked, but it seems that of society and Christians today, the help that we need just is not there.


 I have little while only looking at men of God through history that had less as I also see the suffering of people of this world that is heartbreaking. So I have no complaints but just a message from God that He knows all hearts that can’t be hidden. As for me each day is a battle, yet God has blessed me with the strength and inner peace to just accept and live with any cards of life that He may deal my way for His own purpose. 


Nobody wants truth, and nobody believes truth, but that is exactly what God has told me, so just like all things I accept what He says through His words of truth in the Holy Bible that is my life. The truth is that sooner than you know; the great tribulation is going to strike hard. Your hope for survival will depend largely upon your response to the truth of scripture that is not taught, not seen, overlooked, not understood or just changed into words their willing to teach verses what God actually says. Only by responding to God and turning to Him “in truth” can you hope for His mercy to give you safety. Psalms 91 and very many words of scripture in many books cover this same subject.


Human nature demands proof before belief, and very soon over the coming years when one third of the United States has been destroyed you shall have your proof, and you will then regret believing the teachings of man over God’s truth that very few minds will accept due to all of the false teachings that has been placed within minds by the spirit of error. 1 John 1:1, 6, Ephesians 2:2,


People either forget truths, were never taught truth, never knew truth, or just plain do as everyone else does by fully accepting what’s heard or read without taking the effort to prove all things. 1 Thessalonians 5:21




Rather than me listing uncountable resources containing information on government, FEMA, marshal law, diseases, darkness, corruption, lies, weapons, low food reserves, new world order, millions of plastic coffins, concentration camps, our weakening military, the illuminati, masons and just more valid information on any subject than the natural mind cares to accept, I will just leave it up to you to do your own research on just any subject you desire that is not pleasant news, but real and true news that’s only the bad news hidden from all.


Or just do as I do and look only to God so as to develop the faith to help as many that want true spiritual help rather that than what God says to stay away from in Mark 7:7-13 and all through the words of God that most all refuse to believe.


What is so sad today is all of the millions that have been led into darkness while lacking the humility that God says is a must to know Him. Isaiah 66:2


When the tribulation soon strikes, and the rapture was left behind as the fairy tale it is, only then will most awake to truth that they could have known by being as the Berean’s


“who with readiness of mind, searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” Acts 17:11


“The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.” Proverbs 21:16


My whole life belongs to God with meditation, studies and prayer and time to fast again.  Yet when it comes to genuine brothers in Christ they are few to be found, and zero just for regular communication with God as center.


Millions claim to love Christ, yet when one asks a brother for needed assistance, they hear not, care not, and only judge you while turning their backs with excuses that God will weigh by their actions. 1 Samuel 2:3



Yet I praise our Lord and thank Him for all things, because I can only see as He wants me to see because I know that He cannot lie. His words in Proverbs 8:17 are the greatest security for all those who have God deep within their hearts as life first priority in all ways.


“He raises up the poor out of the dust, and lifts up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and He hath set the world upon them.” 1 Samuel 2:8


Because Satan, as the master of deception and father of lies he has always been, we lived in a deceived world until the return of Christ. Revelation 12:9

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Well I was born into a Christian family. My dad was Mennonite. My mom was Lutheran. My dad taught us how to read the Holy Bible, how to pray, how to worship, how to fellowship and I was born in the body of Christ. I have been baptized three times because they Holy Spirit opened up my heart to get baptized that much. I do not talk about my faith in God in public, so feel free to message me about it and we will talk. God bless you all forever.

I will be honest that I want to make friends, but I do not want to make friends that bash what I believe in. I am into read God's word. My favorite time a day is spending time with God. I love going to church. My dad was a Mennonite like higher level of Amish, so he taught us how to read the bible, how to pray,go church, live out our faith in God and follow the Holy Bible too. I praying for God to reach the lost and God is love. Satan is blinding the lost from God's truth, so I pray for the lost too. God bless you. Talk to you later.

Thank you for your words of kindness; we as human beings can be just as books; therefore if the pages are not read, we may say many things to them from our own minds without realizing that what we are saying has already been written very deeply and in great lengths within their pages that we have never read. When you open my book and begin to read you will find that in eighteen years I have never been a church member. You will also find that I live on faith as Job, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego along with Paul, Elijah, Moses and other men of God through history as a lessen for gaining the needed faith to have God's favor for the great tribulation that going to strike. Yo will learn in my pages that I exist for God as a tool to show others what He sees as church buildings with the doctrines and the traditions of man that have robbed Christ as the head. You will see also within my pages the words of God all throughout the bible that condemn church buildings, the false teachers called shepherds, pastors, priests, and with that false brethren just as Paul had to deal with, and God own words very direct against all shepherds who don't feed their flocks as the blind leading the blind. So I have no focus on churches that you would know by all of the pages within my book of life with Christ as my Head that directs. My focus is on God, truth, the body of Christ and the love missing from all who claim to follow Christ which will block their entrance to the tree of life. John 13:34 is the commandment. 1 Corinthians 13:2 is the meaning and value of love top God, and Revelation 22:14 is what comes if commandments are not kept. <br />
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We all must understand through questions and research things of another before we begin to advise them. Please take care, and may our Lord always be with you in heart and mind.

As one of God's children, I want to encourage you to focus only on God and not people or the church. Suffering is needed to make us more Christ-like and to build our faith in God's goodness, love, and care for us. Religioius, self-righteous hipocrits have always been with us since the day of the Pharasees. They have no understanding or love in them. They go to church to socialize and be seen. I rarely watch the news or read the newpaper because the bad news is overwhelming - but only focus on the promise that God is working His plan and can redeem even the worst of circumstances. My old negativity and worry has changed over the last 30 years to positivity and rest in Jesus. I've simplified my life and eliminated all unnecessary stress (which is different from necessary stress). God loves a cheerful giver and your reward comes from Him - not the people you help. Finally, when you go to church - go with an attitude of what YOU can give and what YOU can do to help with no strings attached, As long as you go to a truth seeking, Bible believing church, find your peace in that - there is no such thing as a "perfect" church but you can do your part by bringing it closer to perfection by letting God channel His love through you upon others.