Feeling Dragged Down With A Friend

I'm a Junior at our local University and moved into the dorms last August. I was particularly excited about meeting new people and expanding on friendships. My closest friend, we'll call him "Joe", and I hit it off pretty well and share some common interests. Everything was great until I started dating a girl within our social group. This was around Novemeber. Things started to go downhill very quickly after this. He had told me after I started dating her that he had a crush on me and I did what any good friend would do, I told him that I don't feel the same way since im heterosexual. Around mid-January my ex and I had broken up and not for a very good reason(or unknown reason to leave it at that). It hurt a lot but I went to all of my classes regularly and even reached out to some friends a little. I came to the conclusion to just forget about all of it but "Joe" never stopped bothering me about it. Never gave me any space to think and basically never left me alone. I eventually told him that I just need a little space and a little bit of time to straighten my thoughts out and he literally vanishes off the face of the earth. Parents are freaked out, sister is worried, all friends are worried and of course im worried. I didn't really take it too hard because I felt like he was just trying to get my attention yet again(this isn't the first time something like this has happened) but what if something happened to him? Well I get my thoughts straightened out and things go to normal for a short period. Unfortunately after about a week, I started getting severe depression and couldn't do anything about it. This lasted for about 2 months and during the entire time he wouldn't let up on how he didn't feel appreciated and getting mad at me for the smallest little details. Finally at the last day of the semester right after our final(we both took engineering courses together and had the same test day), I snap. I get mad right back at him during a conversation about who I was moving into an apartment with. He did exactly what I thought he'd do and told me that he must be a bad friend. I took this as an obvious attempt at a guilt trip and didn't react except for a simple saracastic "you must be". I haven't seen or talked to him since. He has removed me from facebook and hasn't dared try to communicate with me. I dont blame him since I do admit I was a little harsh about it as well. The worst part about all of this is that ever since i've stopped talking to him, my life has become 100 times easier to manage and I feel a lot happier most of the time. Im also moving into an apartment with 3 other guys who are not part of his social group. Im looking at this as a new beginning, what do you think? I want honest opinions on whether I seem selfish, harsh, etc. or if my reasons seem a little bit justified.
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i move to this town w my husband n 2 kids im good it here but no friend feel lonely

i can be ur friend