Should I Keep My Friend Or Let Her Go?

I have a best friend who I known since middle school, we are like sisters. Two years ago she got a boyfriend and has had 3 kids by him. they dont have a good relationship and he treats her like crap and she always talks bout leaving him. Everytime we hang we always run errands for him and we always give him rides no matter where were at and its my car we are useing. She never asks me how I feel about it or if I want to pick him up she just assumes I will. She lets him talk anyway he wants to me. He talks crap bout my husband, called me fat and tells me how bad of a friend I am and she just stays quite. Ive always been there for her and always stand up for her and I feel like she is taking me for granted cause of her bf. Its getting to the point where I dread hanging out with her cause of him. She knows I get uncomfortable around him. I dont know if I should stop being her friend or not. Were like sisters and im like an aunt to her kids but I cant take her bf anymore.
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If she doesn't do anything with her boyfriend and she let him continue to treat her like she's a nobody and you like your worthless, then tell her that you are not her boyfriend's donkey and are putting a stop to picking him up just because he says so, and that she should do something about him!

But if it continues, I'm sorry but you're going to have to let her go.

Im sorry to say this but if she doesnt say anything when he picks on you or is a **** to you then she obviously does not care. Ive had the same situation before and its not a good friendship. Dont talk to her for a while, she will miss having you around but she just wants some one to drag down with her.

Yea I see it like that too. I would never let my anyone talk down to her. Im dont want to cause a fight between them but she should at least stick up for me

Your relationship with your friend is more important than his wife. Don't give up on your friend because she needs you. No matter what happens, a friend will always be a friend.

Your friend needs you. It seems as though she's afraid that if she takes your side her bf will leave her. It doesn't sound like a healthy relationship; however, you don't have to take abuse from him. Next time you two talk, let her know that you love her company and love her kids but you will not be running errands for her bf or taking him anywhere.