Never Ending Cycle

I have a best friend who has no consideration for me at all. But were still best friends. I don't understand why she treats me the way she does, theres no real logic behind it. But an example of her being a bad friend is: she invites me to a concert, and when i told her i couldn't get a ride, she asks someone else to to take my spot in her car.  Another example: earlier in the year, she invites 2 non-close friends to go with her family "snowboarding", "i didnt ask you because you ski"..Great excuse? I'v only invite you everywhere first, because were best friends? Oh and then, she asks me to hang out the other day, and then makes plans with someone else in health class. i call her that day to see if she was still coming over and she goes yeah ill call u back when i can come over. and she never called back and she went to the other persons house. And this other person, well they are a former close friend of mine. we were "best friends" earlier in the year but she was taken over by the evil dictator who ruins peoples lives, and tries to take everything from me, slowly taking me down. But it wont happen. But honestly, i never will understand people, why they are so inconsiderate.
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Okay,I actually understand your point of seeing things.And here comes the 10000 milion dollars question.For how much time,you two have been friends?Mahatma Ghandi once said;The weak can never forvige,forgiveness is the atribute of the strong"in All Man Are Brothers;Autobiographical Reflections.So just forgive her,but don't forget the experiences that you had with her.It also gives,a life long lesson at how to never ever act in fron of your friends.Remember,forgive her but never forget and also be kind to people,because you do not know,what tomorrow will bring.

I don't like the term "best friend."
Maybe because I'm an adult now, and it sounds childish to me. Or maybe because I don't have one.
I have one friend who calls herself my best friend, but I resent it. She has come on to me in the past, she hates my husband, and she lives in this high school imaginary world where we're supposed to hang out with each other all the time, and she gets jealous when I hang out with other people and don't return her calls.
If your "best friend" is hanging out with other people, why not do the same? Hang out with other friends too, don't wait on this one. You might have even more fun with other people! And then you're not just available at her beck and call when it's good for her.

Just my two cents!

That sounds like a combination of both my former "best friends". We hung out all the time for no reason. I openly disliked my guy "friend", and he openly disliked me. And then, my other friend would never even consider my existence when she and a girl she knew for a week went to some "amazing convention" because "[insert stupid reason here]". It's totally not like I took her shopping and to conventions... It's infuriating! And then she bragged about it to me!

This is like mine also. But what top it off is when i am the one who is busy and blew her off, she will be all dramatic and blaming me about not considering her as my friend at all. <br />
Then i will go all guilty. Recently it was her birthday and she got us all to stay with her all day and buy her presents and just arrange everything for her. That is not a problem considering we are best friend. THe thing is when every time it is my birthday she wont do anything and pretend like birthday is not a big thing to her.

yeah this sounds very familiar..<br />
My ''bestfriend'' calls to me when he has problems but isn't in touch when everything is good in his life.. I keep asking myself is that a real friend but i always find myself spending time with him when he calls...

this is like my best friend, EXACTLY like her and I don't even know why i still consider her as my best friend.

and she is the best friend u have i wouldnt want to know the worst but she treats u , me and everyone else this way because we allow them but no more i am speaking up and if it resulf in a fight i hope i kill her and do the world a favor

You and I both need a new best friend. My best friend made plans to go to a concert with me, but blew me off because something better came up. My best friend invited me to her house and then wasn't home when I got time she went to the neighbor's house, one time she went for a walk with another girlfriend and the last time she had moved 3 hours a way and failed to tell me the day I was coming she had her son's birthday party so I sat at the house with her folks because she lived with her parents at the time. She calls me whenever she is in crisis. But she doesn't call me just to chat. I am realizing this is not a good thing. We both definitely need new best friends. Now where do we find a new best friend?