Beans And Beans

So i was hungry and we had nothing at all to eat besides nearly a ton of cans of baked beans so being hungry i made 2 cans ate those and made 2 more and more and more within a hour i ate 12 cans so after an hour or 2 my friends came and picked me up so we could go swimming at my ex boyfriends house it was kinda like a pool party it was around 10 of us so we get in the pool everyones chilling and im tryna get him back when i let out a fart under water everyone looked laughed and went back to what they were doing i thought it was over until he grabbed my *** and kissed me but at the same time i let out a long fart he tryed to pull away but i kept kissing but since i was kissing i couldnt concentrate on holding the farts i let out fart after each one long and strong everyone looked in disgust i quickly got out the pool and ran to the car each step farting i sat in the car and farted uncontrolably for 30 min i couldnt believe how i ruined things but i loved the feeling mite do it again
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5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Oh man! I want you to fart in my face like that nonstop!

Dam Baby i wish u fart in my face ill take it

That sounds so so so amazing.

You sound awesome.

i love this story :D if it were me, i would have taken you someplace away from the group and buried my face in your beautiful smelly ***