I Really Have A Bad Gramar

i really have a very bad grammar in most of my stories and question i saw that i have a bad grammar idk how i improve my mistakes ppls dont understand me lot of time and idk what should i do must of the time i think i should leave ep cuz of this so maybe i will delete my account or continue with it idk but i know one thing that i really have a bad grammar sorry for my grammar...........

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

From this story, i do not see much bad grammar, just a lot of sentences running into each other, and some abbreviations that might be better left to texting. my friend, preminitions is right... follow her advise, and practice; also read EP and news stories in English and note how they phrase things, the punctuation they use, and how they break their thoughts into sentences. You have no need to leave EP just because English is not your primary language. I salute you for your effort and courage in being here!

Well bro, if some people have a problem tell them to sod off or talk to me, I'll handle them...<br />
You can try spell check or advanced editor, a dictionary and books on gramar...<br />
I have had problems in this area, it is nothing to be ashamed of, English is not your first language, English is the hardest language to learn...

it's just because English is not your first language