Where Do I Go Wrong??? Same Pattern Always!!

Ok so im only young so im sure theres plenty more frogs to kiss before i find my prince charming! However when i am with one of these frogs i always think its going great and then everything just changes and i dont know where i go wrong.  ive learned from my mistakes not too be so clingy and to make the men do all the chasing but it still doesnt seem to work. im sick of all the game playing that you have when you're only seeing someone. it's like do i text them or will they think im too keen etc, shall i leave it a while until i text them bk and all those kind of things. in my eyes if you like someone you like thme, there shouldnt be any games or rules and there should be no need in them going weird on you if they have told you they like you. its not fair to play with our emotions.  Anyways my latest guy and i have been seeing eachother nearly 2 months and i really thought he was a great guy.  I have known hiim quite a few years and he always used to have a mega crush on me when i was in school and i never liked him. anyway ytables turned and i thought id give him a chance. didnt sleep together straight away and to be fair we never even kissed straight away as he was unsure whether i liked him which showed to me he wasnt like the rest that would just go in for the kill. anyway everything is going great up until these last 2 weeks or so. he started to feel down with family and ex gf probs so he kept cancelling dates on me and he said he felt really bad about it but assured me he still really liked me and it did seem genuine. then when i eventually went and saw him he was really cool with me. we were watching films and he just sat on the bed next to me and had his arms folded (in my opinon very negative body language) and didnt cuddle me like he usually does. when in bed together didnt hardly cuddle me until prompted by me. we didnt even kiss at all!! next morning i said to him look you didnt even cuddle me and he just blamed it on him having pain in his stomach. i was quite quiet with him that night as i was tired so i apologised and i sai to him i thought you were being weird with me and he says nooo not at all. so we had a little kiss and cuddle on the door and since then hes been even more off with me. not texted me in 2 days when he texted me everyday before (him being the pushy one) and when on the internet hardly speaks to me and when i ask what ive done he says nothing. strange if you ask me and im not stupid. ive not been clingy ive only ever mirrored how he was with me. maybe hes realising theres no point anymore as i work abroad and i will be leaving shortly, but he doesnt know that i was considering staying for him. sorry this has been so long winded any advice is appreciated! xx

princesa2010 princesa2010
22-25, F
Mar 3, 2010