All In One Months Time

so first i walk back and forth to work every other day. It's about 6 miles total trip. and every day has been like 95 degrees. nice huh.

so one day i make the walk home to take the dog out and to get ready for my second job. when i arrive home i find my dog chewing on my ipod. I got a ride that morn and forgot it at home. So after i get that away from him i notice my skull candy headphones that were a gift from a friend i never get to see anymore in pieces all over the living room. after i clean all that up and take him out and get my stuff to work at the shop i head out to walk there.

when i get to the shop a couple comes in for a piercing. yay right. The one piercing quickly turns into 3. nice. well after they leave i realize the kid stole my cell phone. I explain that whole situation in the story someone stole my phone over 5$$ story.

so then i loose my brand new wallet after i spend 20 min filling it with all my stuff and throwing papers away and whatever. great. 

i Have a scar on my ear and I hate it and it makes me so self conscious and i mean at least Minn of 3 people pointed it out to me this month. like I don't know its there. One girl continues to point it out 3 times.

so a guy that works at the tattoo shop with me asks me to bring in my old VHS tapes and i was like why not i don't use them. I carry them all the way there and he blows me off. so it was all for nothing. whatever no big.

By now i ordered a new cell phone and when it comes i find out the keyboard does not work and the friend that ordered it for me ordered it from the wrong provider so i have to wait for an un lock code. whatever fine trying to look at this as the glass half full the touch screen still works so that's fine.

my friends phone ended up dieing so i was like i could loan her mine till i get the code but i didn't listen to that Little voice in my head that kept telling me to bring it today and i left it home. shes pregnant and she's had it tough and was having a bad day and if i had brought it i could have made it a little easier so i felt like an ***. i decided to listen to that voice next time.

so everyone wants me to make kielbasa. the recipe takes 6 hrs to make. so i spend all this money and i stay up till 1 am making this for them and i carry it all the way there and everyone forgets its there and it goes bad and gets thrown away. 6 lbs of it and i didn't get to have any either. waste of my time and money.

so this is my favorite part... the cherry on the **** sundae, As i walked to the shop i maybe had 10 minutes left of my walk when a couple walking their dog approaches me. Beautiful dog in fact. As i walk something told me to stay away so i did. the street was very narrow though and didn't provide much room for distance. So I'm not scared but i don't look at the dog or anything and as he passes i think what a gorgeous dog and he thinks what a Delicious snack. Lunge and bite. I grab my arm and when i look down my hands covered in blood. nice. so as i understand it the dog clenched so hard he he bruised and tore my muscle. the outward appearance of the bite isn't bad but its incredible soar and i cant lift anything heavy. so when i went to work today at the other job not the shop every ones like omg you got bit because Heidi went around and told everyone then they left me alone to do all the work while they screwed around. they time us and here i am trying to do all this work with one arm while one of the two people that are suppose to help me disappear. one takes a nap and the other is out back playing on the lap top. nice people huh.

plus i gained 3 lbs. OK more like 1 or 2 cause i weighed myself after i ate but still wtf!!
highvoltage27 highvoltage27
26-30, F
Aug 8, 2010