Normaly Nice

I am a nice, kind, caring person who for unknown reasons will freak out and throw temper tanrums. I have gotten a handle on it more the older I get
But still have my moments. I have told everyone I care about that I am sorry if it happens and that it means Im nutz at the moment and to try to not let anything I say or do get to them. At the moment I freak out I feel that its all real and what Im yelling about is real then later I most likely break own and cry, Come back to my normal self and go WTF was that? I was feeling guilty and dumb all the time when I was young but now I just accept that Im alittle nutz and expect my loved ones to understand, which they do:) I forgive myself adn I know my friends and family forgive me too. antone else, well Im sorry to the checker or the other unknown person who might be in my line of fire at the moment but I let it go. What can you do when your nutty? Meds only make u tired and dont solve my issues so I just try harder everyday to do alittle better,
dreamyjen dreamyjen
36-40, F
Jun 30, 2011