I Have Real Bad Mood Swings and Im a Guy.

I dont know why, one min i could be happy as can be and the next i could be compleatly sad. I dont know why and it ****** me off a lot. Sometimes its becouse of something i think of or something that happins. Other times it cand just creap up on me for no perticular reason. Is something wrong with me? Honestly how many guy can say they hove mood swings more oftin then a pregnet women,( not meaning that all pregnet women have hourbal mood swings, just as a ficure of speach).
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all the time

i agree wid starstruck .... n i hav similar horrible mood swings ... its hard to make decisions ....

have you ever considered being checked for a chemical imbalance ??? and black eyed girl is right if it was up to the dr's we would all have some sort of diagnosis .*trust me ive had about five different and one unspecified * but if they are interfering in your life definitely get it checked out symptoms can always increase and get worse