I get in such bad moods sometimes that I can barely stand to be around my own self! When I get like this it's like I cannot stand to be in my own skin. I take it out on my husband or my kids. It's like everything is someone else's fault when the fault is me! Then when I try to put on a happy face & act normal around people that I don't want to know I am feeling this way anxiety really kicks in. I just want to scream! I cannot seem to get this under control. It isn't all the time but any time is too many times. When it happens it usually lasts a couple days because the worse I act out the harder I am on myself then the cycle just starts all over! Help!
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Yes I know finances & other issues are part of it but I have been like this my whole life. Everything can be going great & I still have my break thru days.

My husband has been out of work for a few weeks now & I cannot work because of an injury. He starts a new job Monday. We already got an eviction notice & threats to repo our truck & motorcycle. We are renting out a room in our house just to pay the electric, water & telephone. I had to borrow money to pay our rent or we were going to be on the street. Usually I am very well budgeted. We pay bills first then play.

I really appreciate you responding to my post. It feels better to be able to talk it out. Today is a much better day :)

I'm not surprised to hear finances.. a lot of people experience anxiety when it comes to money. I think the best thing to do in my opinion is to plan this stuff out. Are you in debt? I'm sure this is going to sounds like putting a band aide on a flesh wound but trust me, plan out your finances! if you're in debt, get on a payment plan, even if you're making minimum payments. Budget your expenses every month. I promise you find a little relief in knowing you have a plan, and your on track with it. Have you ever considered telling your husband how you feel? If he's supporting, he'll see you through it :) he'll have a better idea of what's going on when you're lashing out, and hopefully try to comfort you instead of taking offense.

There are some personal issues going on in my life, yes. I am having financial issues & relationship issues but not one certain thing seems to trigger it. I will be fine for a few days then I wake up like this. It seems to last a couple days because I beat myself up over it.

What do you think causes you to be in such a chronic mood? are you unhappy with where you are in life?