Dr Hyde and Mr Jekyl

******* bipolar **** *** sex **** damn crap *****...oh I'm feeling better now...life is wonderful, it's all so clear to me now!!  wow!!  oh....****, life sucks...dammit crap **** stains crabs dark sullen underground dungeon...oh things are getting better...I love everyone and they love me...this world was made for me...what a glorious day!!!...oh yeah...life sucks
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I don't have good and bad days, I have OK and not so bad days. I can't finish anything because I will start a project and get mad and quit. I can clean the house and feel great about it but nobody is allowed to move or touch anything or I get angry. I am sick of feeling like this.


This made me laugh...and cry a little....no, just laugh.... Great! Now I'm pissed cause i can't make up my mind.... Ok, yeah, it made me laugh! Thanks for......... ah, forget it.

That is pretty funny :)

sounds all too familiar and i'm sorry for you. it's not easy to live that way. it's even harder to attempt repairing the relationships that have fallen through the cracks during your hellacious ride. i'm not sure if i'm bipolar. a 'counselor' once tried to tell me i had all the signs of a "manic" (which is the same) but i ignored the comment and quickly changed topics. he never brought it up again. beyond that ... i've not stayed in therapy long enough to get a detailed and accurate diagnosis. or if i have stayed in long enough i refuse to expose myself fully and i only share selectively. i'm not sure why i do this. after the accident i had to do therapy as a part of my physical rehabiliation ... my attendance was awful and i befriended the doc so i could get her to talk about herself rather than placing the focus on me ... :-o EEK! but like i said, as i've gotten older and become more comfortable with myself it's gotten somewhat better. there's hope!