Hunchback Extraordinaire.

*slouches in*

Yup, I've got bad posture alright.


*slouches out*
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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8 Responses Jun 23, 2007

That was pretty good.

You've got no excuse for slouching, you're shorter than the average person's femur!<br />
<br />
Also, conventionally the neck is for holding up the head, if you have an elbow there instead, you're pretty badly deformed :(

I am so totally slouching now after just joining this group. My elbow`s actually getting sore from holding up my head...

It`s strange how our bad habits and repetitions can change us. But we never really notice til we look or feel it. Like an old woman hunched over after 70 years of living. It creeps up slowly and settles in the body. And my back hurts when I vacuum for a long time... *sits up straighter*

hahaha, you're one to speak...<br />
<br />

Sit up straight you two. ;)

me too. my dad yelled at me for that once. :p

i'm fairly certain while in the sitting position i look like a human "C" ...