Crumbling Mentally

I can honestly say I dont remember brushing my teeth between 7 and 17 yrs. I remember scraping white stuff off my teeth before going to the dentist so they wouldnt see how bad it was ... i dont think i confused them. Every time I went I got a speech about taking better care, but I was apparently far too stubborn. I ate tons of candy, soda, snacks and continued not to brush. Suddenly at 18 or 19 I was realizing I had horrendous white spots on my front six teeth. That was the first time Ive felt like I had absolutely no control over my situation. 4 years later Im 21 and cant bear the sight of my own teeth, much less expect anyone else to. They have white spots, brown spots, staining, tons of fillings ... basically a haphazard concoction of yellow, orange and brown. Luckily I have great friends who could care less, but I feel myself slowly slipping out of social contact. I think about teeth 23 hours a day. I struggle to function at work, at play. I look someone in the eye for roughly 3 seconds until they eventually look at my teeth and it just floors me. Theres nothing worse than knowing people are absolutely disgusted by your teeth. The worst part of it all, although you may disagree, is that the rest of my life is wonderful (well, relatively). I graduated from college last year. Im going to graduate school for psychology this fall. Im in some of the best years of my life, watching everyone smile and enjoy themselves, while I continually drown myself in self loathing. Every time I think Im finally coming to grips with the fact that Im not perfect I realize its a serious problem affecting my mental, physical and social performance. Im afraid of being alone forever because of this. I guess you dig your own grave ...
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Good luck to you. I know what your going through.

@wishfull123, I know what you're going through. I have very messed up teeth. Some didn't even grow period! I still have baby teeth and I feel like it affects everything I do in life. I have lost opportunities in my career, due to the fact that I have ugly teeth. I want to fix them, I actually have a savings account for my teeth, but I feel like the dentist that I have work with only really care about money. I feel like unnecessary procedures that didn't work for me in the past are being pushed for financial reasons. For example; when I was younger I had braces for 5 years but the caps between my teeth are so huge that braces did not fix the problem but to me caused more problems! And this is what dentist keep telling me to do! But if this didn't work for me before and the braces kept falling apart due to the huge caps why would it work now? why not get to the point! I'm very hesitant....and I'm also nervous to have new teeth or in my mouth....I have always live with this nightmare, and everyone I know, knows that I have messed up teeth, so everyone would know I did something or that they're false. :/ (It's complicated I understand you)

Money isnt the problem. Im just not convinced I want to commit to a life long venture of maintaining veneers (im told theyre my only option). I only hear horror stories about porcelain and Im not looking forward to replacing composite every 3 years. I also dont want to make such a decision and decide that I was more comfortable with ugly teeth that I could rely on than with pretty veneers that required constant attention and babying through the next 60+ years of my life.

If this is interfering with your ability to function--and it sounds like it is--you should consider acquiring some debt to get your teeth fixed. Your entire quality of life is at stake here. Make getting them fixed a priority. Get a loan, use a credit card,...who cares. Get it done.