So Afraid And Embarrassed

I am 35 years old and have had bad teeth all of my life. Both of my parents and their parents had bad teeth as well. My mom has had false teeth since she was 12. So i am going to blame heredity for it. I always brushed my teeth, maybe not the best as a kid, but a lot of kids don't do a great job. I've always had a fear of the dentist, at 5 years old i needed to have a tooth pulled and my dad tricked me by telling me we were going to the zoo. Ever since then i have had a huge fear of the dentist. I haven't been in a long time, i am going to assume about 5 years or so. I went due to an infected tooth and got antibiotics and it never came back. Now I have more damaged teeth, and  the infection has returned and am currently taking some antibiotics for it. I know it will return if i don't get it taken care of. The last time I went to the dentist he told me they would all have to be cut out and referred me to a oral surgeon. I didn't go to that appointment because my neighbor at the time was sent to the same doctor for his wisdom teeth and woke up during the middle of the procedure and was in extreme pain, not to mention he had a law suit filed against the oral surgeon. So that increased my fear a lot.
So now I have been able to find some sort of dental insurance for a low cost per month, and i'm almost positive it's not going to help me, but i figured it was better than nothing. I can't go see the dentist till March 1, 2011 and I am already scared to death.. i am in tears just thinking about it. I am afraid that i am going to die if i don't go or get in soon to see him. I know that's silly but i also know it can happen. I am just worked up and thought maybe this might help me, maybe not get over my fear but to lessen them knowing that i'm not the only one with horrible teeth. 
It's mainly my back teeth, but my front teeth will soon follow. I don't care if i have to get dentures, i just want to be able to smile and not wonder what the other person is thinking about me. My husband has no idea that i am this scared, and i'm not sure he even knows the extent of the damage my teeth have. 
I am just ready to get it fixed, hopefully at a god price, or on a payment plan. I don't make a lot of money, and thats another reason I haven't really been in a long time. 

Does anyone have a general idea on how long it will take to get dentures done? I know every case is different, but i just was hoping to get some insight. 

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Go to the oral surgeon. Get it over with - I promise you that you will feel better after a course of action is initiated. I have what is called a "flipper" that is dental prosthetic that is in place of my two front teeth until I get my implants. Your dentist will arrange for whatever teeth you need before your teeth are extracted- and you will wear it home that day. It will be adjusted later after your swelling goes down.

For your front teeth if and when you need- You get to choose how your new teeth will look, and they will try to match them with your others. If you want them to look rounder, bigger, smaller, whatever- this can be done.

Since you haven't had your teeth cleaned in years you will probally need a deep cleaning first to get your gums in shape and to reduce bacteria which is important for healing after your teeth are extracted. Sounds scary and it is not pleasant. However your gums will no longer bleed and your breath will be fresh.

Your infection may have progressed to a cyst. Either way you will be told you have bone loss. Do not freak out over this. In time or if you have credit you can get bone grafts and implants or implant supported dentures. A long process, but you will have temporary teeth until then. Go in to debt if you have to and get it done. Shop around, research ratings of dentists and oral surgeons. The best oral surgeon in my area is rumored to be too expensive with his spa like surgical center. He is not any more expensive then other oral surgeons. And they gave me ball park quotes before I had my work done. This saved me thousands compared to the "cheaper" oral surgeons in my area.

Now the good part. You get the work done. You are afraid. You suck it up, and do it. Now you have a clean healthy mouth after the pain, and your teeth and smile are the best they have ever been. Even if they are fake. You smile more, you are no longer ashamed, and no longer feel "different" from everybody else. You don't back up when people move closer, instead you get closer and even whisper to people because your breath is good and your confidence it improved.

Another suggestion I have is first call the dentist you are going to see and talk to the receptionist. Tell her about your fear and embarassment and listen to her reaction. If she tries to soothe you and tells you they will try to make you comfortable then proceed. If not find another dentist pronto. There are tons of dentists trying to make money. Pick a good one who will not shame you. Good luck- you are not the first or last person in this situation.

I was lucky in the regard that my temporary was such a good fit to begin with. When I relined them, 95% of the pink mixture that hardens oozed out the top and was cut away while it was still soft.<br />
<br />
They say to take them out every night, I have never had them out for more than a few minutes while I clean them and apply some adhesive. Some people have to apply Fixodent/PoliGrip every day. Mine are so snug, the suction alone will keep them in.<br />
<br />
I'm not sure how bad you r fear of dentists is, but mine was terrifying.... I think I am the happiest denture wearer ever.... And I love going to the dentist now..... I feel like a normal person again....

Sorry I didnt answer your questions..... They took an impression on my first visit to have a temporary denture made, it was about a week or so later when it arrived, they scheduled my extractions for just a few days after.<br />
<br />
The temporary was supposed to be discarded when the better fitting dentures came in. When your gums shrink after the swelling from the extractions, your denture(s) will become more loose.<br />
<br />
I liked my new smile so much, I refused to let them take them from me. I relined them myself, (you can get a kit online with four relines for about $40) and the fit is perfect. The dentist charges hundreds for a reline and it is so easy to do yourself.<br />
<br />
Total cost: I think with the temporary (now permanent) denture, all of the extractions and consultations, I would have to guess around $4500 total. It is different for everybody.<br />
<br />
I put it on a credit card even though I had the cash, I wanted the points.......... insurance did cover some of this as well. They didnt bill me until they found out what insurance would cover. I think I even received a check from the oral surgeon.....

I know the crippling fear and anxiety that comes along with what you are describing, I'm 42 and had all my upper teeth pulled out in September 2009 (the 18th to be exact, it was the day my life changed drastically). I now wear an upper denture and it was the smartest thing I have ever done.<br />
<br />
I was expecting to be in agony for weeks as they had to cut out some of the teeth that cracked off and my gums grew over. Other were shattered from the pressure of wisdom teeth coming in, bad news all around.<br />
<br />
They gave me the choice of doing it over two visits because a couple bottoms had to come out as well. I braved the storm to the tune of about 40 shots of Novocaine and let them do everything at once. He did a lot of stitching as they went along but it seemed like it flew by.<br />
<br />
I drove myself there and back and was pretty tired when I left, there was a lot of bleeding and the pain wasn't that bad. I have a high tolerance though. I was out shopping and buying milkshake a couple hours later, I was able to talk clearly the same day.<br />
<br />
Don't be scared, just remember you aren't the only one who has this problem and you aren't alone. My fear of the dentist was worse than anything you can imagine, now I enjoy going. You will be so glad when you are smiling again...........