My Teeth Are Depressing Me!!

Hello Everyone!!It is so nice to have found this group.I am now sitting here at my computer crying while trying to write this,I have had problems with my teeth my whole life,My mom and dad always made sure i went to the dentist and got whatever procedure they said I needed done.Flash Forward to now.I will be 40 in 2 months and my teeth are in Real Bad Shape!!I They started getting worse and worse in my early 30's and now they are so bad that because of the embarrassment of them I lost my job a few years back.I have always worked never been without a job sense I was 17 years old.When I lost my job I thought I was gonna die for sure.I could not function at work or any place else it got so bad thinking about my teeth all the time.I made pretty good money for a single girl but,I took care of my Mom and Dad whom were both ill and could not afford to get to the dentist a lot.My mom grew sicker with Scleroderma and died and I started to see losing my job as a gift from above.I got to spend real time with her before she died.She was a good Mom!!My Dad is still with me,Thank God!!He is a and always has been a good Dad.I am blessed.After mom died I just drifted further and further into this depression.Losing her plus my teeth being so bad has made me not want to leave the house.I am in pain a lot because of them and they are so bad i do not smile anymore or go out in public cause I think people are staring at me.I have had people make fun of them and I use to joke about them too when they would,To try and hide my pain and hurt.But I cannot do that anymore!!They have made me a prisoner now.I am searching for a cheap dentist to get my teeth removed(I will need Oral Surgery)Because they are broken off down in my gums.I want to get Dentures.And hope I can find a dentist that is real cheap or will let me make payment plans.I want my life back.I just cannot take people making fun of me about my teeth or asking me what is wrong with them.I have even had people say I must be on drugs for my teeth to be this bad.And I Do Not Do Drugs!!My dad had very bad teeth as well as did his whole family pretty much.I am so glad I found this group.Because now,I feel like people finally understand what I am going through!!!I  I will pray and continue to pray for all of you.That you all are able to get your teeth fixed no matter what is holding you back.Thank you all so much for letting me get this out!!Many Blessings too You All!!
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Honestly until I read your story I have felt almost completely alone in this bad teeth situation. I have had bad teeth since early childhood. My whole life I was constantly in and out of the dentist office. My parents were determined to give me that perfect smile. Unfortunately life doesn't always go as planned. My mother was extremely ill with diabetes, and had a stroke one night when I was laying in bed with her watching tv. The stroke left her brain dead and cause of that she had to be taken off of the life support machine a week later. I was only 12 years old. With that in mind I still had my father. He was constantly taking me to the dentist and I still had horrible teeth, but was closer than ever to braces. Not even 2 years after my mother passed, my father passed when I was 14 from a heart attack while at work. From then to adulthood my older sisters raised me, but financially couldn't afford to put my dental needs as a priority. Right after I turned 18 I immediately got a job, and have always had to support myself without any help and no one to fall back on. Now at age 30 my greatest desire is to be able to laugh and smile freely without the constant worry of being judged for my teeth. It infuriates me how some people think they're better than me just because they have nice teeth. Im a person too! I don't have a lot of money and hardly have any money to throw towards my teeth. Because of this my teeth have continued to perish to the point where I have thousands of dollars in dental work before a dentist will even consider putting braces on me. I hate to say it but I will need much more than braces to have that perfect smile I so long for, much more. My teeth constantly give me distress and just looking at them in the mirror every day makes me depressed. Hopefully some day I will have that gorgeous smile I have longed for my whole life.

I know how it feels. ..I have Horrible teeth and i'm 19+attending University. parents aren't wealthy, but they neither give to this problem the importance and gravity it has..they have straight teeth so they don't know how it is like having bad teeth, but I do know and it prevents me to live at best. ..I am always depressed and teeth are gettin crooked and crooked. ..I probably should Kill myself as i can't go on livin this way...

Wish they could find a way to make very cheap braces, so that everyone can achieve them...

I've had really bad teeth and they also were broken and just crap but I've found the greatest place on earth to go for dental work for a fraction of what you'd be paying in the states I live in california and dental care is so expensive I went and had a quote to fix my teeth and it was going to be 16 grand but I ran into some people from Canada and they told me where to get it done for a whole lot cheaper Los algadones Mexico I went to see if it was true and it was I got all my teeth fixed within a weekend for 2800$ you don't have to live in pain this place is the greatest place on earth please look into it you won't regret it

I know how u feel I went threw chemo but my teeth has always bad and they said the same thing she must be on drugs I still have not got them fixed been out of work due to the cancer and the first thing I feel that people look at is your teeth who will hire someone like that it's not right but that's how people are they don't want to help you to get a job so you can at least try and help yourself but it cost so much even if u have insurance I'm scared the infection is going to go to my heart and then I will die stuck and don't know what to do its like you are fighting a loosing battle!!

You ******* baby !! Get a grip you fat ****!

why do you have to be so rude? This reply was uncalled for this woman needs support not to be treated rudely im only 22 and im having the same issues I don't drink or smoke never have did drugs and my teeth are horrible due to having bad parents growing up they never taught me to brush my teeth properly so with in the next month im having to have all my teeth pulled including my wisdom teeth in on day to then get dentures again im only 22 so go somewhere with the rude **** I know what she is going through! rant over thanks

You are just so....I just don't want to swear you. If you had this problem, what would you do? Maybe you do not feel other people, but then do not just do this damn comment. I can understand people and I see this person has a really big problem. Think about going out and when you just smile, everyone looking at you, thinking: "What the hell is wrong with this guy"...It would be the worst thing! Yes I agree, it is not good for people to judge someone based on his/her physical appearance... I still remember what had a friend of mine said at the Secondary Junior High School: "A person's body is just a place where the heart, the brain and the soul are held in."! I really appreciate that this person would just spend 5 minutes to write this because she wanted to share her problem with us. And this is really respectable. You ****** never go to a website where people tell their problems to get the support that they never got from people they knew. So just appologise for what you said because it was the worst thing you could say to this person. Think about her, she said she was crying when she wrote that...what would you say if you had a big problem like that and someone sweared you for nothing?....You don't have a soul and maybe this website, especially this for people who have one...if I was the server admin I would ban you immidiatelly...

I don't do drugs, either and have bad teeth, so I understand. I do take heavy medications but no one (dentists) have mentioned that, they just say I have bad gums and need my last 7 uppers removed and bone grafts put in. I hope your able to get your dental work done, I'm using Cares card to pay them off and the rate is low.

My bad teeth has made me suicidal and not a day goes by when im not obsessing over the two, sick of being made fun of and sick of being written off by ppl cause of my teeth. I went to the bar lastnight and there was a chick there that was cool till she noticed my teeth and then she started making comments about teeth and such, its very very hurtful. My teeth went bad around when i was 19 and now im 30, its been a hard long lonely road. Sometimes i think it would br best if i would just end it myself...all over some teeth

hello, im 13 and i have crooked teeth... my parents just never had the money to get braces and ive been wanting them since fourth grade. this really holds me back in talking with other kids... i cry every night.. this sucks.

Baby girl u hold u head up high and good things will come to put it in GODS hands and u pray every night their are a few good people in the world and like I said GOD with take care of u

Hi sweetie,

Realize that God loves you and the way you are viewed from him is so different than the way the world views you.
Psalms 139

Hello out there, I know I know what you're going through I'm going through the same thing. people talking about you people at church,people in my house, girl friend cheating on me because of my teeth, she's talks about me bad. I've been trying to find a way to get my teeth fix, I need implants and dentures, my life i'm not able to live it my fulliest. I nerd help I want my life back cant do simply things like kiss a woman,smile, it seems like im always beeing talk about. I wish everyone luck and may we find a way.

I also had bad teeth all of my life. They would just brake off at the gum line or root canals,braces twice. You name it I had it. My father had very good dental Insurance too.
This all started when I was little. No dentist could never tell my why my teeth where so bad.
Well now I can say I have BEAUTIFUL teeth, they are dentures. I could not take it any more so I had all my teeth what I had left pulled and was fitted with dentures. I did not have dental Insurance so I did some digging and found about CARE CREDIT When I applied I put in the amount of $5000.00 I did not know how much it was going to run me for my dentures, and I was approved for the amount and went to the dentist and had all of the top teeth pulled and was fitted with dentures. I make payment once a month with CARE CREDIT. I am so happy I did this. It has been about 3 years now. Just pull them up on the internet fill out the application and if you are approved than find a dentist office that excepts CARE CREDIT most do and take that step to be able to smile again. It was pain free no drugs to have it done and NO more tooth aces. Good Luck :)

My heart goes out to you. I know exactly how you feel ... my teeth are literally in pieces ... I cannot afford veneers, or any type of dental plan. My prayers are with you : )


It is sad to see what pain you're feeling. my situation similar to yours. i have a big gaps between my teeth especially the one to th front. At school i got many jokes, i eventually started feeling so self concious about it that evey time i speck to someone i would block my mouth. Even when i laugh i would hold my mouth to laughMy mother was not rich and my dad was not caring for me at all i have two brother and three sisters and i am the last. i will always try to get my mother to put braces for me but her financial situation was really bad what she was making in a month the family could have barely survive on it. now that i just left school i am working i am considering putting braces but i cannot, up to a day like today after years of going through so much i am still going through tough times. my mom is the only one i have so i rather look after her first and then myself...... i will not die.... but the best advice i can give you if you donot feel comfortable thenget it fix..... self confidence is key...

my heart breaks for you i too have dental problems most of them are my own fault i am a big coke drinker and have to get two crowns which is scaring me out major i get soo uptight when i have to go to dentist appts that i nearly make myself sick i am constantly worrying about my teeth to the point that i am really depressed over them my hubby tells me not to worry so much but i cant help it ,,it consumes me but i try to think there are people in worse situations than me like losing a child and then i feel guily for the way i think
i wish you good health and good teeth and know you are not alone in this

i know exactly how u feel. i stay up almost every night crying about how crappy my teeth are. i have braces but they really arent helping at all and its been over 2 years!!! ive even stopped taking good care of them because whats the point? :'(

I may can help. I am an independent marketing agent with an insurance company that offers low rates on dentistry. We have a network of dentists. There is a low monthly fee and set-up cost involved but no long term contracts. There are also no limits on how much work can be done within a year. View my website at If you'd like more info afterwards, please call me. My number is posted on my website.


Please send me the info : )

I know how you feel girl,since I was 17, I had bad teeth,im now almost 34 years old,?y whole life is depressing because of my teeth,all my teeth are rotted,and I have a tooth ache as we speak, it has been years since I last smiled with teeth, people have madr fun of me,and nothing is more embarraassing than that! Its a struggle to eat,now I can eat,but it takes awhile than most people,so I given up on most foods! Soups and soft things is what I can eat,afraid to eat meat because of choking,most my life ive learned on what to eat and which teeth or tooth I can eat on,i constantly worry about maybe having a heart attack becau se of my teeth,and its causef me to have anxiety attacks, I wish that one day that I could smile again with teeth this time! Im right there with you girl! Anita in kansas city

Hey Anitado9,
I feel for ya. It is the end of August and I still haven't gotten my 12 remaining teeth taken care of. Did I say 12? Ok, 11 1/4. One tooth is so bad that the tooth is eroded all the way up to my gums, and the only chunk of tooth left is next to another tooth. I have to use Dentek filler (oral section at Wallgreens, in a little purple container) to fill the area in so air and food do not aggitate my nerve there. Of course this had the effect of rotting my tooth away faster than usual, but it was either that or massive dental pain. I am hoping to get help from the state to get my situation resolved soon. Facebook me! -DarkBolt

Dear Danalyn- I know EXACTLY what you are going through, probably more than anyone on here. I am 41, and had problems when I was a kid. Part of the condition is my fault, however it was mostly because of my teeth being smashed together, not going to the dentist enough as a kid, and my bad teeth (due to being smashed together) would infect the other teeth. People are very cold, and unsympathetic, and are very judgemental. Lately I have been looking for a girl to date and have failed miserably. I am not really depressed like you, but I am self conscious about it. It started with the teeth as a kid, braces and orthodonture work that was so expensive my family could not send me enough. Once I turned 16 the problem progressed drastically. When I was around 27 or so, I lost some chunks of a couple teeth and bam, downhill from there, stopped brushing because I had no money or insurance for a dentist visit, and started using alcohol for the pain. (Taking a big mouthfull of brandy or whiskey and holding it for a couple minutes helped a lot. Yes, sometimes 2 MINUTES!!) I need to have my teeth pulled too, all 12 of them. I know what you are going through kiddo. My worst problem is that if I want to date a girl, which I do, I guess I have to wait till I get dentures. When the heck will that be?? You can see some pics of me on FB but it doesn't matter that I am ok looking, girls dont want a boyfriend with zombie teeth I guess. I am going to try a University. They have dental programs and train students for the dentist field that way, and I hear they are far cheaper than the modern rip-off dentists out there. Anyway, if you have pain, even if you are like me and hate alcohol, stronger alcoholic drinks are great for the pain. Just spit that stuff out after! Another thing if you have infection, (u wont like this but it is legit) get a cup of very warm water and put a LOT of salt in it. Mix it good, and hold a generous amount in your mouth where you feel that stiff/achey feeling, you might even have swelling there if it is bad enough, and hold it for a minute, spit, hold another generous mouthful, spit, and maybe a 3rd and 4th time. The salt draws out the infection, and does a decent job of it. Id repeat that routine for a couple days, morning and night. When the 2 days are done, your gums and inside of your mouth will be raw, but you will notice that the stiffness and swelling should be gone or close to it. Good luck! Subtract the numbers from my user if you want to find my fb page.

hi guess what im the same but unlike you people dont make fun guess its because they think i may react aggressively probably would but if its any consolation people do realise you have a serious phobia and can be supportive my wife has supported me for years yes years one breaks i put up with it must have used gallons of tincture clove oil it works you can buy a thing called oragel from asda three pound a tubeit will stop the pain in the teeth but wont stop the insicurity we feel we just grin and bear it BUT i am 46 and i have got to the point were i am so insicure i made an appointment tommorrow i am ******** bricks thats why im on hear looking for miricales hope you dont get to the point i did i pulled traiedmy own tooth it hurt like hell but i still didnt go to the dentist hope you all get sorted cos i fell for all of u from a long time sufferer will let you no how it goes

Hi everyone like all of u I have the same proplem I have terrible teeth and I'm only 22. Mine started off when I got pregnant at 17 I craved coke I drank like 4 bottles a day I went to a dentist while I was pregnant and got a tooth removed and he told me when I had the baby to go back and get some fillings done but I didn't I just didn't have time and I kept putting it off I stopped drinking coke though then I start chewing trebor chewgum my botton teeth just started to chip off and rot I have recently went to a dentist and need a lot of work done I'm only a single parent earning 200 a week so I dnt know how I'm gonna be able to get them done its horrible feeling inside just a constant worry about my teeth my top ones are on its the bottom ones though I do sometimes feel lik my front teeth are loose but my boyfriend says its me been paranoid. I'm trying my best to get on at a time done I need 8 out which I'll have to get them replaced its so stressful and depressing.

You sound like a great person who is having the same problems we are all having. I think it's great you took care of your parents and so sorry to hear about your mom. I have similar problems to my dad so I think possibly it's inherited and you just do the best you can do. We do understand what you're going through and I wish you all the best. You're not alone and I will say a prayer for you to get relief as soon as possible. Good Luck!!

I can understand. I'll be 34 next month. Dentist referred me to the Orthodontist in 1st or 2nd grade where I was diagnosed with Periodontals disease. I had severe crowding in my teeth. I had several of them pulled. I was given a mouth piece to wear in 2nd grade. Gaw, I hated it. It hadded insult to injury as I already had trouble fitting in. They put me on braces in 4th grade. I was in between wearing those and mouth pieces all the way through HS. I finally left Ortho when I was 19 or 20. I haven't had any Ortho work since. I've had my teeth cleaned a few times but that's all. My teeth got more crooked over the years, but I still have most of them as they were then. It's annoying when I'm eating because I can't bite off things evenly. For example, eating celery is hard because it's stringly and wider than a single tooth. Since my teeth are crooked, the strings aren't broken! Lol! Anyway, I lost a tooth on my upper mouth in the back maybe 3 years ago. It cracked and splintered for a few months until it was gone. Now I am worried about one in back. I went to hte dentist to have my mouth cleaned a few years ago, just after I lost that tooth. He told me I needed to have some fillings, but said that overall he was surprised I hadn't taken care of my wisdom teeth. Unfortunatley, I haven't got my life in order so I can't pay for any fixes yet. I do what I can. I've drastically reduced my intake of sugar. I used to eat sugar like normal people, but now I only eat it sparingly and try to stay natural. I wash my mouth out periodically and brush every so often. I still don't floss or brush as much as I should. I'm not perfect, by a long shot!<br />
<br />
I know what it's like to not smile because of not wanting others to see them. I've known what that's like all my life. I was always shy, but the teeth made it worse. When people said that I didn't smile, I got angry at them because I felt like saying, "Well would you smile if your teeth were like mine?" I do smile though! It's just the kind of smile where you keep your mouth closed :)<br />
<br />
Overall, my teeth are stained somewhat by coffee and they're crooked. But they're not gray or black or anything. The gum line is uneven on them (periodontals disease is receding gums). But sometimes I count my lucky stars that I haven't lost more teeth. My dentist when I was 13 told me I would lose my front teeth and I haven't. They're still going strong. The one on the bottom is barely holdong ont othe gum but it's still standing stubborn and defiant against the disease!

Ihplisa~~~I will be praying hard that all of your needs are met.I hope you get the treatment you deserve as well!! I agree people should not judge us on our outward appearance!!! People can be so mean sometimes.It is mentally and psyhically devestating having teeth in bad shape. I would not wish it on no one. People does'nt understand,bad teeth also compromises our health as well. Thank you so much for your reply! It is so nice to know that people understand what we are going through!!Many blessings to you!!

Stiggy333~~I will be praying hard that god comfort you and take away all your fears.It is scary going to the dentist and being worried about the pain.God bless you and Thank you so much for your reply.And I agree,Things will get better for all of us if we believe and have faith.

I hope you get the treatment that you need and you deserve. You sound like a very nice person and I can't stand when people judge just ba<x>sed on outward appearance. I am going through similar problems with my teeth and the effect it has on your can be devastating. Hopefully things get better for both of us.