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Most Of My Tooth Have Cavity :'(

im only 21 but my teeth are so bad.. most of all have cavity.. i feel bored to go to dentist and besides its so pricey :(, my mom furious because im the only one who spent money so much for teeth..
my one front tooth is dead and crowned but it looks greyish, obviously not good, looks like rotten tooth and the other one has cavity in it, the teeth next to them also have cavities... i dont feel confident when i smile because my teeth look greyish and ugly.. i brush my teeth twice a day, mouthwash, flossing them.. but still :| ...
my teeth really affect my confidence :(, some people say im pretty but they dont know i have really bad teeth... sometimes im wondering ive been single for 21 years and probably its because my teeth :'"""""(
all the guys that i had crush on have great teeth and im not >_<
im really depressed with this teeth thingie

euphoria8690 euphoria8690 22-25, F 10 Responses Jan 4, 2012

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Aww :( How can you see what your tooth looks like when you smile if their's a crown on it??

man i'm now 23 yrs old and I do suffer from the same problem u are in. I've already begun to lose some parts of my teeth. I was too lazy to brush my teeth in addition that my parents didn't insist on me that much.. I do regret.. but see people won't be judging u because of your teeth or whatever.. just be a nice person and I guarantee u u're gonna find a nice pretty girl. hey u are still single not because girls don't like your smile! but because u're just afraid to enter the risk.. ;)

Hey friend for what it is worth I was brought up with no tooth brush or tooth paste my mother never cared as a result I have had bad teeth since i was 12 I'm 43 am it is horrible not bein able to smile but you know what life goes on you get on with it my friend an people if they carnt see that person. Behind your smile am look an judge ya they are not worth it get on with life an hey smile an don't let it get to ya

thank you for sharing! :D

Im 13 and I still have two teeth to lose, but what really sucks is that my grooves on my teeth are really deep, and I was so lazy to brush, so I have all these fillings, luckily modern day technology has given me white fillings, but im so jealous. Ecause my friend got this gel to make her grooves not as deep, HARRUMPH.

ahh i think you should start fight the laziness now :D
i was not confident with my teeth, but now i feel better.. because many people dont really judge you by you look but you still have to fight the laziness and try to take care your teeth ;)

Same here, I chipped a tooth and was hoping for a crown. Instead the dentist told me I for sure need a root canal on one tooth and maybe one on another. She didn't even look at the other teeth so I might have cavities on those. My teeth look fine and I brush everyday but I have had bad teeth since I was young. Bad genes from my mom (who had a root canal when she was 17) but some bad eating habits on my end have really screwed me over.

i know exactly how it feels!
when i was young my mom let eat sweets and she didnt focus teach me to brush my teeth :(

You think your bad? I am 16! lol. I partly blame it on my parents becuase they never insisted on me to brush my teeth when i was little. My molar in the right top got infected and eventually just died with the nerve (what the dentist said), so i was going to get it taken out, and then my TWO FRONT teeth broke down the middle, i have a gap lol. When i went to the dentist, i had a root canal done on it, then i was supposed to get a crown to make my teeth complete again. The dentist said they would call when the insurance responded on how much it would cover, but my dad said he never got a call. That was about a year ago. Now since that time, my other molar chipped, and i think it has a cavity deep inside, because i can feel the nerve, so idk what will happen there, and my front, lower tooth also chipped and i definitely have a cavity there. I have to go soon! I hope i just get those 2 cleaned out and fillings, not more root canals, and finally get my crown. FML. Good luck to you!

i feel youu!
i think most of my molars have fillings and im trying to take care of them so hopefully they dont need any root canal.. but i just ate crackers and one of 'healthy' molar broke somehow, Jeez! its so fragile and i realized it has cavity so it broke.. anyway now im working but you know i live in third country, the salary isnt so good, i should save one month salary for one veneer but i got 2 front teeth that need veneers :(
good luck for you too!

im so thank you for your supports guys! all this time i just blaming my bad teeth for not having boyfriend lol... i think i should evaluate myself and be more positive person :)

I'm a guy, I'm 18 and I most of my molars now consist of more amalgam than actual tooth, I also have one root canal, getting crowned next week, and a few removed. I've always taken care of my teeth brushing 2-3 times a day, mouthwashing, although I do eat quite a lot of sugary foods, and grinding my teeth during my sleep my whole life hasn't helped either. My bottom teeth are quite overcrowded, but fortunately my smile looks ok, as the front teeth havent got any decay or fillings, probably because they are not affected from the grinding so badly, and my bottom teeth don't show. People tell me I have nice teeth often, but i feel like a liar, like i am hiding some terrible secret. If you look from the right side my front teeth look totally wonky, and some amalgam in the first couple of molars is visible. People tell me i'm hot, cute, good looking etc, but i feel like if someone saw inside my mouth they would judge me, and that it would put people off from relationships and stuff. It makes me feel like i'm not good enough for anyone. I've been at the dentist so much, and kinda made a good friend of her, she says she feels sorry for me because I have one of the cleanest mouths she has seen and I just get so many problems.<br />
Girls, I have empathy for you. Its unfortunate that society is so vain and makes such a big thing about teeth. Itswould be easy to say it doesn't really matter, but I know how bad I feel about mine. Personally your teeth wouldn't be a problem for me, heart is more important than teeth, + you both said you have pretty faces too, would you rather have an ugly face and perfect teeth? Any guy that would be bothered so much isn't worth dating.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respectYou sound like me!! I have a lot of amagam fillings on my back bottom teeth :(
I have a molar on each side that has a metal crown & another 3 teeth in the back that might need to be crowned in the future but I don't want anymore metal in my mouth!!
So I don't know what I'm going to do since my insurance sucks and doesn't like white fillings or Porcelain crowns for the back teeth :( since they won't cover it :( I refuse to have more metal.

omg.....i can't believe the similarities you and i both seem to share, were both young [ your 21 & im 18] & i seem to have a mouth full of never-ending cavities [blame my sugar-habit =p] i have the same thing with my front tooth where it's grayish that i'm having a root canal done on it asap, the rest are all saturated with cavities, alot of them pulled due to just simply being poor and not being able to afford having any fancy work done on them, and then on top of it all i have major crooked teeth. yep thats the icing on the cake right there. ugh i swear i think god decided to beat me with the ugly stick in that department at least ;) because just like you i get told daily, and i mean all the time that i'm a gorgeous girl and many guys say i don't look like i would belong in this small town that i live in. and truth is, SAME AS YOU, my teeth very much affect my confidence, esp when a cute guy comes up and says "show me your beautiful smile that goes with that gorgeous face of yours"<br />
it just breaks me. =( sorry about this. this probably didn't help you at all. i wish i could help you, just had to share my empathy with you. just know that many beautiful girls like you are in the exact same position. that including me =) lol just know it can't be like this forever, one day,some day,some how, we'll get lucky and get this all straightened out. in the mean time we just cope and hope and look all the brighter side.... it could be worse as they say- you could have massive tumors on your face or a big long tounge that always sticks out of your mouth and can't make it stay in no matter what you do lol thats one good way to look at it =D

dont worry about it you sound like a smart girl and you should know that if your problem is your teeth then improve other areas go for runs go to the gym your still young you just have to focus on whats good on you and make the best of it