My Bad Teeth Story

I had one of my teeth surgically extracted today. My teeth was OK back then. I had no idea why my teeth are so fragile. Last year, my wisdom teeth grew up and it caused a lot of pain. Then, I started to pay more attention to my teeth. To my dismay, I found out that 3 of my teeth were broken and I didn't know about it. As I'm an overseas student in Australia, my sister advised me to go back to my home country to have a dental check up as it will be too expensive for me to do it in Australia. So, I listened to her. I'm so regretful now. Anyway .. After a while, one of the broken teeth fell off when I was eating something (I forgot what it was). I cried a little and I called my bf who was at work at that time. I couldn't do anything about it and it was not visible as it was at the back. I was very upset about it because I'm afraid that people could notice it and judge me. Later on, my wisdom teeth caused too much trouble for me. I would wake up from my sleep just because it was hella painful. I told my mother and sister about it but my sister convinced me to wait till my holiday so I could get it down back in my home town as it is cheaper. So I listened to her again. However, the pain was unbearable so I decided to do it in Australia and I told my mom that I would return her money when I have a job. Apparently, my wisdom teeth was a bad case. I needed a major surgery to remove them. A month later, the gum under one of the broken teeth had this pus pocket that didn't cause any pain. I had no idea about it. When I got back to my home town, I went to a local dental clinic asap. My dentist fixed the other teeth. One of my front teeth has this grey line. I thought it was just how it was because I noticed the line when I was young. My dentist told me that it was rotten. Now, I'm so conscious about my front teeth. Thank god, one of the broken teeth could be saved. However, the other one with pus pocket under it couldn't be save. It had to be removed because the pus pocket was the result of jaw bone loss. My dentist advised to remove the teeth because such bone loss would jeopardize the adjacent teeth. I was sad because I don't want to lose any more teeth. I'm so grateful that my mom supported me and she didn't really make me feel like I'm the weird one. Today, I headed to the clinic and had that broken teeth removed surgically. There you go, another gap. Another thing is that my teeth is not 100% straight. My lower row of teeth slightly shift to the right. I have a minor cross bite too. Therefore my face is a bit distorted. People can't notice it but I can! T__T Once I get a job, I will try to save up to fix my teeth. I need braces and crowns to fill the gaps. Why is dental procedure expensive? I'm in mid-20's, I have a masters degree and I look fine outside but I have bad teeth. 
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1 Response May 23, 2012

I'm sorry about your teeth. However, you're still young and you've started taking care of them once again. Unlike some people who waited over 20 years (like me) to go see a dentist.