I Dont Know Why I Brush My Teeth Often 3times A Day?!...

I use to have realy white shiny beutifull teeth when at the age of 23jears my uper front teeth started to get an upscess in my mouth and did not realised it my teeth started to go bad and it was very painfull i first lost my first front tooth at 23 than at 24 i lost another front tooth i was depressed and i cryed i felt ugly scared that people will laughed and tease me and about 2weeks ago i lost another tooth at the front again it was so painfull. im feeling misrible sad,ugly the dentist say they cant do nothing anymore for my teeth i have a upsecss in my gums that has spead so im going to pull all my teeth and get a pair of false teeth
TheLastJustice TheLastJustice
31-35, F
May 23, 2012