Bulimia Wrecked My Teeth

I have very thin enamel, worse on the inside of my teeth caused by years of throwing up. (I'm not bulimic now) My dentist is remineralising my teeth with flouride paint and I have a special tooth paste to use. They are getting better but really there is no proper fix. My teeth are in a bad state, every time I go to the dentist I find it's a filling :o(
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It's called a toothbrush with toothpaste...or veneers.

Do you only use ep when you are drunk? Maybe you shouldn't...

I need a drink when I read some things on here....have a dentist shave your teeth down. They'll be sensitive but that's what fluoride treatments do. They will make your teeth yellow too. I've had my teeth shaved for cosmetic and comfort reasons but look into porcelain crowns. And yes stomach acid will ruin your teeth but brushing your teeth afterwards and using certain mouthwashes would've prevented acid erosion. You took what I said bad...go figure. ^^^ you took offense when I told you the truth in my post above.

Well it seemed pretty antagonistic.

Most my comments do. If people can't look past it then it ends up in arguments. But it was the truth what I said. U just saw it as antagonistic. And a lot of my stuff IS antagonistic. But that one wasn't meant to be.

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