Terrible Teeth At 22..

I could really write an entire book about my bad teeth, starting at my baby teeth.. but I will just begin with my adult teeth..

I had to start getting fillings on my permanent teeth as soon as they started growing in. At the time I was around 11 or 12 I think. Anyways, my Dad had full dentures due to teeth that were literally just falling apart by the age of 30. And his Dad before him had dentures by the age of 23.. So I believe I was doomed anyways.. But that didn't stop my from taking care of my teeth.. And I made the mistake of getting braces..

So, now here I am at 22. After my braces came off I have major filling to get caught up on. (I had four teeth extracted to get braces, apparently my mouth was too small for how many teeth I have.. And I got my three wisdom teeth cut out, I only had three in my mouth.. But on the bottom right side, my far back molar was literally sideways underneath my wisdom tooth under the gum).. My mouth is just a freak of nature I tell ya...

So I got caught up on my many fillings, while I was under 18 and still on my parents insurance.. Then after I had no coverage I continued to take care of them as I had before, but I wasn't able to afford a dental visit until about ago 19.

Having skipped only 1 year at the dentist, I had quite a few fillings. I have continued to have teeth repaired since then. I was at the point I was spending $600 a year just on fillings.. And yet every single time i went in there was more work to be done. With the dentist and the hygienists telling me what I needed to be doing, which I already was doing, I got sick and tired of paying them to talk down to me. I had stopped drinking soda at age 16, and I haven't chewed gum with sugar in it since I was 14, because it kills my teeth, with pain. But apparently they thought I was lying.

Right now, I have only had one more tooth extracted, a molar.. But I have one tooth that needs to be pulled, it abcessed six times, I went to the dentist three times, got an Xray and they said nothing was wrong with it. Every single tooth in my entire mouth, except my front bottom six, either has a cavity, hurts when I eat or drink anything hot or cold, or has a small piece chipped off of it..

It is discouraging.. Having such terrible teeth at 22 when I have taken care of them my whole life.. They hurt every single day of my life, and if I could afford it I would have dentures right this second, but that simply isn't an option right now.

It sucks, I would like to smile without covering my mouth up.

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I can totally relate with your story - I am 27 and currently only have 22 teeth, almost all of which have cavities and cause me horrible pain. I got braces in my teens for reason I never understood (no crooked teeth) and when they were taken off, i had my first cavities ever underneath the bands and brackets. I have been too scared and poor to go to the dentist for years, but have just recently tried again. I hope things go better for you. Tooth problems are the worst!

Yeah literally braces killed my teeth 20 years before i guess. I'd give everything to turn back my crocked but non-filled molars

Has veneers been an option for you? I think you may be overly sensitive to flouride. Have you tried flouride-free toothpaste? I have sensitive nerves in my mouth so anything like soda, sugar, etc doesn't leave a good feeling. Have you tried to take notice of what makes them hurt, specifically? Certain ingredients, including gluten/flouride/sugar could be the cause. I hope you can find an option that isn't dentures ... but if not, I wish you the best.

Sorry to hear that your teeth are in such bad condition. I am in a similar predicament as you are. I am 25 and have 26 teeth remaining in my mouth. Majority of them have gotten either a cavity filling or root canal treatment. I suffer from a chronic periodontitis condition and eventually all my teeth will fall out on its own. I am tired of the preventive treatments. I a scheduled for a full mouth teeth extraction next week and will be getting dentures.

I am sorry to hear that you have similar teeth issues :( I am kind of just biding my time for now until I can afford to get dentures myself. If these things last, or I allow them to stay in my mouth until I am 30, I would be amazed.
But good luck with everything with the procedure! I am sure you will be beyond relieved after you are all healed up and you can eat anything you like and never have another outrageous dental bill again :)

I can keep you posted on my situation so at least it will help ease some of your fears of needing dentures one day. I hope you will never need dentures too and your teeth can last beyond age 30 too. However, it is always good to know and learn so you don\'t have fear. I have cried and did a lot of worry and panick, but each day is going by so fast that I have lost all feelings for what will happen next Wednesday. I am just going to be brave and get it al done.

Thanks to the people who responded. Sometimes I know it helps me just to read other people talking about being in the same boat as me. I still have all these bad teeth. No recent extractions.. Quite a few fillings though. I think I decided after a long internal battle with myself, and with reassurance from family and my boyfriend that my teeth are not me. And if I get dentures, so be it.
I know that deep down anyways, I guess its just a hard thing, to pull something out of your body that you have had for so long and seen every day! But hey, I think right now, I would get them all pulled in a heart beat if I could afford it. But full time at a minimum wage job just wont cover that kind of dental bill! So I will put it off for a while longer.

when i was reading this i thought i was writing it my teeth are really bad like yours if you ever wanna talk or chat some time just message me up

do u think you'll ever be able to really enjoy your life experiences until your teeth are fixed

Your story is so similar to mine, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for you and I understand how you feel. I have had almost any type of dental work known to man and I'm still at the point of needing dentures. I too am sick and tired of covering my mouth to smile or laugh. It's even quite apparant when I'm talking that my teeth are almost gone. It's humiliating. I hope you find an answer or at least a little comfort in knowing that your not alone.