I Feel Like I'll Never Be Pretty Again..

I am 29 and I've had gum disease for several years. I've been told that there are a number of factors, such as genetics and medications, that can cause gum disease. I also suffered from very bad depression for most of my life and sometimes would just stop taking care of myself.. I'd just lock myself away and stop caring about anything. There was also the fact that I smoked.
Recently, I quit smoking, and I found a good dentist that I could go to. I have no job, because I'm caring for my grandfather.. so he's been paying the bills for me so far. I've had to get one molar and one of my front teeth pulled so far and 6 fillings. I was soooo proud of myself, because I thought I was getting healthier and my gum disease might go away. But, it hasn't. My lower front teeth are getting loose now and I'm terrified. I am going to the dentist in a few days to talk to him about it, but I am very much doubtful that I can afford anything that he could do to fix them. I'm not scared of what people will think of me in general if they see me missing my teeth. I'm however terrified that my boyfriend will think I'm unattractive. He swears that it wouldn't matter to him, but that fear still lingers. He's 7 years younger than me, and even though we've been together for 2 years and he's much more mature than that.. for some reason I still see him jumping ship because my smile has a few more holes in it. I am also going to be travelling in July, to meet his parents. I'm scared that his family is going to tell him I'm not good enough, if they ever see that I've lost some of my teeth.
I have been so depressed and anxious over losing my teeth in the past few weeks it's put me to tears. If I could get a partial to replace them it would be fine.. but I can't afford them and I can't ask my grandfather to pay that much for me.
I know there are people out there that have bigger problems but to me this feels devastating.
I am new to this website. It looked to me like there were some pretty supportive people here and maybe I could come here whenever I need to talk. But, I'm kind of afraid of just sounding whiney, hah. I feel bad for everyone else here that is going through the same thing that I am. 
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I am 29 also and have horrific teeth. I hoping to get dentures soon but as with you this problem has ruined my life. I feel the same way you do and you are not alone. People that don't have this problem can't comprehend the severe depression it causes. I want you to know that I am here and you are not alone.