Lost A Tooth That Wasn'T Even Loose

I have periodontal disease, but mine isn't that bad. The depth on my back teeth have depths of 4 mm.

I have been keeping my teeth cleaned and flossed and keeping the problem from getting worse, so I know I haven't lost any more bone.

I went for a regular cleaning at the end of April, and everything was fine. The hygenist bragged about how great my teeth were.

About a week after my regular cleaning, I was eating normally when suddenly, as I was opening my mouth to chew, I felt a strange suction in my back molar and something lifted up. I thought I was losing the filling. I didn't open my mouth any more, and instead gnashed my teeth back down to put it back in place. After I got the food out of my mouth, I went to the mirror to check the filling. It was tightly in place, which made me realize it was the tooth that had come out. There was no pain or bleeding around the tooth.

I didn't immediately call the dentist, because I didn't think he would believe that a tooth came out when it wasn't even loose. I figured that if I just left things alone, it would get better. Instead, it became painful to chew on that side, and sensitive to cold. After a week and a half, I decided I should go to the dentist. Unfortunately, when I called the office, they told me that he was taking a long vacation and wouldn't be back until June 3rd.

Has anyone ever heard of a tooth falling out unprovoked? I mean, it wasn't even loose, and I should have had plenty of bone to hold it in. Any idea as to what would cause that?

damesheryl damesheryl
May 30, 2013