Bad teeth gave me confidence... when i was younger i had the best teeth ever them being milk teeth they fell out..m adult teeth i believe are the worst ever instead of being straight they are all turned and 1 teeth branches into two parts therefore they look like tooth picks....i was teased by everyone m family included i never had friends or played with other kids...i once overhead my mom talking to a family about how am never going to find a man who will genuinely love me and her response was as long as i had a vagina and can offer sex there is always going to be someone who wants me.

Hearing this from people who were supposed to support me and make me feel more human was heartbreaking , i wondered how a mother could think that about her daughter, how could m own mother think i cud never be anything more than a guy s play thing, a toy that could only offer sex. I never told her about it instead i found strength within myself i vowed to myself that am never going to lower myself to that, am going to be a better human and prove them all wrong. from that day on i realized I only had nobody but myself to count on, i did no allow myself to spend the rest of my life miserable and apologize for my looks. I choose to be happy, i worked hard at school, i started making friends and speaking in front of people without covering my teeth. I never allowed any boy to touch me even up to this day , the guy am going o marry is the 1 who am ever going to sleep with.

I appreciate the bad teeth that God gave me because the molded me into the person i am today, i have never allowed anyone to intimidate me because of my bad smile. I am a strong woman who stand up for herself now because of those bad teeth, i am an independent woman because of that. Even up to today i will never apologise for my looks I did not ask for them I do not have control over them. I will forever be a cheerful, kind and loving person that I am
twinkieblue twinkieblue
26-30, F
Aug 21, 2014