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Totally Depressed Over Teeth Situation

I have severe gum disease, and I am losing all of my teeth, mind you I am only 26 yrs. old, I've always brushed them and flossed and used mouthwash, but can it be linked gentically? Some people in my family are already wearing dentures since in their 30's. I just got a molar extracted , which is now itchy like hell 4 days ago and my fronth tooth, and I had to purchase a flipper, so that I won't have to go to work without wearing something to cover the hole. I am so totally depressed, anyone experiencing what I am? Please let me know.  I have had 9 teeth extracted in total. I don't have dental insurance and I don't have that kind of money to fix my teeth.

kiizz kiizz 26-30, F 126 Responses May 19, 2009

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This is for anyone considering, braces, the pure hell I've been put through if I can save somebody else from my experience, in 2003 I had my second set of braces put on due to a overbite and was told that I would need jaw surgery, because of these decisions I have severe root resorption on all my teeth ( meaning no roots, very little my teeth are mobile), at some point I am probably going to lose my teeth, I pray that I don't, I did everything the doctors had told me to do. also due to jaw Surgery I live with jaw pain, and my right side of my jaw is completely numb and my bottom lip burns and my jaw moved back and I still am with a overbite, I'm constantly applying minty lip balm to cool down my lips. I wake up at night crying because I'm so scared I'm going to lose a tooth, if I loose one with my mobility I will lose more. If I could go back and had more knowledge I would of just gotten a night guard. Please learn from me and be very wise alot of dentist are in it for the money. :(

As I write this, I am up after having 11 more teeth removed due to gum disease. I know how you feel. I'm not that old to have so many missing teeth. The process of waiting for new ones is long and painful because I don't have good insurance and I've been to numerous specialists. I took good care of mine too, but everyone in my family has bad teeth or dentures. There are programs and temporary fixes for people with low income. I hope your situation improves.

You guys know nothing yet i am 18 years old and i only have about 7 real teeth left. I dont know what to do i think it might be a disease. Im so worried and i dont have money for this, im really upset now.

What the **** is wrong with you *****? I wanna punch you in the face and slam you through a car door. I'm sure your teeth aren't perfect and you got some type of insecurity going on that's causing you to be a fake *****. Leave these people alone and get yourself a life or a ******* hobbie. You disgust me.

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I am so sorry for all of you. If I jad the money I would pay for all of you to get your nasty rotten teeth fixed. I prayfor you all! God bless

i know how you feel mine are the same except they say diabetes is eating mine up i am so ashamed to go outside and when i do i have a cloth on my mouth or something i wish i could find help i live in merced CA

yes i am 30 and i have a genetic condition which caused severe tooth decay. i hate having to be so young and have full dentures. i cant eat certian foods and i still find it embarassing for my own husband or family to see me without them in. i totally understand what your going thru.

Do you like having a flipper? Why? Or Why not? Can you eat with your flipper in?? Can you bite down on the tooth that is on your flipper?? Do you ever have to take your flipper out?? If you do when do you have to take it out?? Does your flipper ever fall out?? Like when your talking? Or eating? Do you use denture stuff to keep your flipper in?? How much was your flipper?? If you don't mind me asking all these questions x Sorry so many questions

I am but I am only 14. Everyone in my family has teeth problems. My front three teeth are all severely chipped and I need my back two taken out... :( it makes me feel disgusting I can't smile and I have to be careful how I eat.

Heyy we have a same problem. I was only 14 y/o and i really hate my teeth and now i'm 15, I can't smile and can't eat well in school, Sometimes i don't eat at Recess time :'( I can't find free treatment here. I'm a tall person and they will really notice me. I got pain sometimes.. my bro and sis always annoying me.. ppl said why i don't be like them. My bro and sis are popular..they have a nice teeth with no problem unlike me that has a big prob with teeth, ppl saying "You're cute, you're hot" in chat but i can't appreciate that much "big down with my teeth as 50% of my life urrgghh. They said wait til u grow up urggghh.. This is so painful.. I want to smile.. please :'(

In am male,50 years old and my teeth were a hugr pain in my life.From a very young age they were always bad,crooked,uneven and discoloured.Over the years I spent months sitting in dentists chairs receiving treatment,fillings,route canal and extractions.Gum disease is what I had and this helped all my teeth rattle inside my mouth.I decided to have them all(bar 5 in bottom)removed and am now wearing dentures.Now they are not perfect by any means,they take a bit of getting used to,and the daily care routine can be a drag,but I can honestly say they have changed my life for the better.Nobody realises there not my own,I can talk and eat better than I did with my old ones,I have no more issues with bad breath or bleeding gums.So although you may have tooth problems,it doesn't have to be the end of the world.Find a sympathetic dentist and you may be pleasantly surprised

I am in the same boat. I have no insurance and have a flipper to replace my front tooth that I lost by biting into a Christmas cookie. It is like losing a part of yourself and the flipper is as irritating as possible. I am sorry to hear about your larger situation. Good luck.

Do you like having a flipper? Why? Or Why not? Can you eat with your flipper in?? Can you bite down on the tooth that is on your flipper?? Do you ever have to take your flipper out?? If you do when do you have to take it out?? Does your flipper ever fall out?? Like when your talking? Or eating? Do you use denture stuff to keep your flipper in?? How much was your flipper?? If you don't mind me asking all these questions x Sorry so many questions :(

Hi all. I'm just into my latter twenties now, and have had bad teeth all my life. I ate a whole tube of flouride toothpaste when I was a toddler and all my teeth came out with cavities, flourosis, brown stains, or lack of enamel. All of my molars are "flouride bombs" and dead inside.

Unlike you guys, my mother didn't make me brush beyond the age of 5, so I didn't do it often, being a daydreamer and not too aware of consequences. Sometimes I went many months without brushing. I flossed about three or four times in my whole life because my teeth are very close together. So it's almost impossible to floss between most of them without loosening them or removing tooth surface.

When I got older it was hard to care, being emotionally drained and overwhelmed because my family has undergone so many horrible things, it's been a horror story really, so we haven't tended to our health as best as we could. There's been many genetic diseases and all manner of abuses, deaths and suicide, addictions and endless poverty, suffice it to say.

Mum always knew some things about health so bought us healthy foods etc and I think this helped because I never used mouthwashes or toothpastes and when I had the ability to, I ate actual kilograms of lollies and candies and other junk foods at a time, month in month out, for many years, and didn't get the punishment expected from my teeth. I still do this sometimes. My teeth have been terribly damaged from such a young age I sometimes wonder why I try to preserve what's left of them.

I think that like your gut, your saliva has a natural balance of healthy bacteria keeping the harmful bacteria in check, but when you use powerful man made disinfectants it destroys the beneficial bacteria too, but of course the harmful stuff comes back quicker. Better to support your body's natural mechanisms through eating healthy, which I do... When I'm not eating unhealthy! I am not a good example.

But someone suggested coconut oil pulling. Ignore the claims it's propaganda or untrue, just try it. I have not used coconut oil to "pull" but did try it with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, and it works. No idea how, but it does. Any oils used should always be "extra virgin cold pressed" as then the active compounds that help you have not been cooked to death.

The first time I oil-pulled, it was because with one bite, a vitamin E capsule would turn from clear and bland tasting oil to grey green pus-like stuff that tasted foul. This was some extreme imbalance in my saliva doing this. Olive oil is high in vitamin E so I filled my mouth to see if the same would happen. Yep. Clear oil turned instantly into foul, opaque muck I had to scrape off my tongue, almost clotted. I repeated it, this time waiting 15 more minutes before spitting, but this time it was clear, not yuck, and it's had a great long term effect.

Another thing to attend to is your acid levels. Your PH is supposed to be neutral. Certain foods are alkalinizing, others acidifying. Acidiosis (being in an acidic state) harms everything in your body including your teeth.

My brother had a black plaque that aggressively formed onto every tooth despite multiple daily brushings. I caught it off him. Like him I tried salt rinses and brushings, but to not avail. I started noticing that rosemary tea, brewed from loose dried leaves bought at an Asian shop, sat in a cup of hot water until it was cold before drinking, killed the plaque. I couldn't scrape it off but after some rosemary tea rinses and "pullings" the plaque crumbled off like chalk. It never came back.

I've had a root canal at 15 which I didn't need (greedy unethical dentist) and numerous fillings (including mercury ones when I was a child, but they all fell out before I was 10). I have had massive cavities for all of my life. Thankfully the nerves are mostly dead, I don't feel it for the most part. I did have 18 months of one tooth hurting me though because I was so not keen on going to the dentist. That one was terrible. I have had other toothaches before too.

But lately it's getting hard to eat. I have a sensitive tooth totally missing its crown on my lower jaw on the right, with just the raw pulp exposed, and the root canal on the left lower jaw has been missing its crown and infill for years, so it's a hole that leads well over a centimeter below gum line into my jaw. The tooth around the hole's been steadily breaking and crumbling away and there's raw flesh inside the hole now, and it bleeds when I brush or use a toothpick to remove food scraps, and I can feel them pack into there when I eat even though the root nerve is dead. I've had occasional jaw infections. They can make one seem drugged, make it hard to think straight.

I would like to remind people that physical illness can make you depressed, so please, don't let it have total sway if you can fight it; depression is a common symptom of many diseases, even if the person is unaware that they have disease. Depression makes everything seem out of proportion. Getting the physical issue fixed can fix the depression, so hang in there. Things will change. There will be a way.

I have had a black rotten hole in the middle of my upper front tooth since I was 17. It just grew over a few months, out of the blue. A few dentists told my siblings it was genetic disease, a rot that "can't be stopped", so they drilled holes in those teeth on my siblings; their teeth didn't have any rot before they drilled. My little brother got aggressive grey rot almost instantly after having a large hole drilled into it and had to have his tooth capped. They said the rot can't be stopped and just grows and grows but mine's not grown since I first got it.

I've had congestive heart failure since I was 17. Had a massive heart attack in my very early twenties. I'm basically a cripple in some ways, so it's very hard to get employed due to my appearance as well as the health issues, and due to the heart disease it's often more stress than I can take to go to a dentist to get seen to.

So I am not treating myself even though I might be able to afford it. I'm below the poverty line but dentists here tend to treat first and ask for payment later, and that's when I spring the surprise on them... "I can only pay it off in instalments of about $50 per fortnight". They have to say "ok" if they want the money, but they try to conceal it from other patients and I'm sure they don't like it. There used to be some help for people needing good teeth to get a job where appearances matter, but I haven't been able to get into that assistance. Really, good teeth matter no matter your job, or whether or not you have a job.

One thing that has surprised me is how down so many of you are. I do understand being depressed over your teeth, especially if suffering pain, and the social issues of having bad teeth, but if you're not smiling for years at a time just because of your flaws... That's letting a physical imperfection impede your quality of life!

Your teeth are able to make themselves unreasonably problematic, even cause horrendous suffering, but they are not the most important nor valuable part of you. They do not degrade or devalue who you are. With my terrible teeth I have smiled at many hundreds of strangers and literally only a tiny fraction have looked at my teeth when I smile; the rest smile back, looking into my eyes, and do not notice my teeth.
Even if they did, I understand their reaction and don't condemn them for it. Yes, I do feel a little bad for looking so hillbilly-feral-povvo-hobo (choose your slur of choice) but I have more important things to do than try to attain to someone else's standard of perfection.

Being shallow or any other character fault is just another flaw which uglifies the individual but does not make them any less a human being and worthy of being treated as such.

If they treat you as less for your appearance, they are fools.

But even fools don't deserve to be treated as their behavior may seem to merit.

Ignorance is a disease of its own if you take the meaning of the word "dis-ease" literally. It's a social disease too.

I don't have a lack of people wanting to "get with" me because I appear fairly confident in myself. It literally does not matter what you look like if you have confidence. People are for the most part somewhat sycophantic. If you act like you're of value, (and you are!) they will make up reasons why you are of value.

A genuine human being is always of value, irrespective of their appearance.

I dress in hole-ridden, torn cheap clothes, too large by many sizes; often I go barefoot; I don't shower as often as I ought to; but people treat me well and courteously because I am polite and smile, and don't cringe or act like a supplicant. My good intentions are genuine and apparent. So people don't see a homeless beggar, they see an eccentric, strong person. (Or so they tell me).

I don't mind being seen as a "hobo" (or seen with a "hobo" either) but people seem to interpret my appearance as more than I am projecting.

When you feel self conscious you invite a critical scrutiny. If someone acts like there is something wrong, or like they have done something wrong, it is human instinct or nature to look for what that wrong thing is. There is no faster way to get people to look for your faults than to act like you are guilty and apologetic of them, and want them to not notice.
Please, try acting with confidence even if you don't feel it. Fake it till you make it. Don't let a fraction of your overall appearance dictate your quality of life, relationships, etc. Obviously all that's more relevant to the people whose worst issue is the cosmetic appearances rather than the painful and debilitating cases.

I have a black hole that you can see from quite a distance in my yellow, cracked, white-and-brown-spotted front teeth, and I still smile normally at people. I get smiles from people with tooth disease and don't flinch or feel any revolted reaction; plenty of people with great white teeth are just the same. Smile! Even with bad teeth a smile is a beautiful thing. Smiles can help you get that money you need to get help, too. Even with bad teeth, a smile is a vital part of business confidence and things like that... Socially it is often called your most powerful weapon. Nobody said a smile of "flawless teeth" is your most powerful weapon, just the smile itself. Sorry for being so long winded. Probably pedantic too. Hope this helps someone, anyway! Love and peace to you all. And hope.

Your very strong person I wish I could be that strong,Iam not going to get over losing my teeth.Iam just ready to end my life.I already hate myself enough it will only make it to wear I wont be able to bear looking at my own self I know what your thinking Iam shallow..This is just hopeless ...

I'm not thinking you're shallow at all. I really do understand.

But I think that your self hate is not really based on your teeth, it's probably much deeper than that. Somewhere along the line you probably adopted the idea that you're worthless or a failure or whatever the negative and untrue belief is. There will be a way. There is more and more awareness all the time about the humane aspects of dental care, being a necessity not a frivolity, and I believe quite soon it's going to be much more widely and cheaply available in most places. Why aren't people doing fundraisers for this? Why aren't there charities focused on helping people with dental problems? Hang in there, things will change. You're only still young, you can still have a bright and happy future. I intend to do what I can to help as many people as possible get there, and I'm not the only one thinking like this. Keep an ear out for help, it will come.

Wow! Though Im not physically able to say all I would like to right now, I WILL upon having a better internet connection. But for now, I JUST want to say to you: Thank you for sharing your very personal experience, so candidly. Thank you for your words of encouragement and hope. Thank you for your truth. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for your sincerity. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your obvious love of ALL. Just, thank you. Thank you SO MUCH. Your post DID help me. And the beauty is? It will continue to help me too. Thank you. God bless you, "SmileAnyway"! Til next time......


Wow that is so inspiring! I bet people make fun of you and your nasty teeth all the time. Those people are so mean! Im sure if someone is eating and you smiled at them they would probably puke from how nasty your smile is. Some people are just not compassionate to people like you with a nasty smile. God bless you and your ugly teeth.

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Bad teeth runs in my family I went to prison (drug possesion) there they pull teeth not repair. So I lost many teeth there I am now 50 years old and very embarassed to go out in public because I have no teeth. At age 40 I used to pass for age 25 I looked great, now after losing my teeth my face is sucked in and I look much older, I hate it ! I live from SSDI and they pay for nothing but extractions, I cannot afford dentures because I was born with to much bone on my lower jaw so dentures will not fit unless the bone is ground off. Implants would solve my problems but I need 4 to hold the lower denture in place. I am looking at the rest of my life with no teeth and it saddens me greatly.

I know this post is old but it popped up when I searched in google.

I completely understand how you feel. I'm just turning 25 and my teeth are just falling to pieces (literally). I can't afford the cost of most dental work besides extractions and the rate at which my teeth are going I will be toothless by 30-35. I've had 10+ extractions and more yet to come.

One of my teeth right next to my front is gone and only just 10 minutes ago the one next to it completely chipped on the entire front of the tooth, which is why I did this search. Because I am just at my wits end here and am really about to lose it. The depression and physical pain this can bring on is incredibly massive. It's good to know your not alone in this struggle tho.

I'm the same am totally depressed over my teeth my bottem gums have receeded so much my teeth r starting to feel loose I've got lots of fillings and need to have crowns on front teeth I'm so scared r b in full dentures by next year and I'm only 26 I'm so depressed and ill over this and have lost a lot of weight I've always looked after my teeth yet they r all so weak and breaking

Wow i am so glad i am not alone!

I am 29 and have had the same problem. I was 17 when I had my youngest son, and I do feel that pregnancy causes harm to people with already bad teeth. When I was pregnant, my wisdom teeth came in completely rotten. The dentist would not pull them because I was pregnant. I was in so much pain constantly. The rotten infected teeth caused the teeth next to them to become infected, too. 6 weeks after my son was born I had 7 teeth pulled (4 were my wisdom teeth). This is where my long journey of missing teeth started, but my real dental problems started during childhood.

I brushed and flossed 3 times a day as a child, and in elementary school they made us do a fluoride rinse every day. As a child, my parents took me to regular dental check ups, but I ended up with a crown by the time I was 13. I constantly was having cavities filled or root canals done. It was a never ending process.

Skip ahead a few years... After I had my son, I had more dental work done. My mouth was feeling pretty healthy, but I found out I had to have two more teeth pulled. Before I was 20 I had 10 teeth pulled. I had my second son when I was 20 and then I lost my health and dental insurance.

After I lost my insurance I had more teeth problems and wasn't able to do much. My teeth broke, fillings fell out, and I got infections. I was still brushing and flossing and using mouth wash, but nothing was helping. I went to a dental van for people with no insurance, and during that time I had a total of 5 more teeth pulled!

I got insurance and went to the dentist where I was told I had a bacteria that grows in some mouths that is pretty rare. It eats the pulp of the teeth from the inside out instead of a cavity that attacks the outside of the teeth. They made a flipper for the front teeth I had missing and said to keep coming in and they would get my mouth all healthy again. Unfortunately, I lost my insurance a short time later and was not able to continue going there.

Currently, I have only 16 teeth. One is getting pulled next week and I have two more teeth that are chipped! I am so done with teeth and I just would like to get them all pulled out. It would save me a whole lot of pain in the long run. I have ZERO teeth on the right side of my mouth, and two back teeth left total. It is hard to eat and sleep. I wear a partial on the upper and lower parts of my mouth that fills in all of the empty teeth places, but it doesn't make it easy to eat anything solid.

I am sorry you all are missing teeth too, but I know how you feel, and I am thankful to know I am not the only one suffering with this pain (physically and emotionally). It sucks to know we are looked down upon like we have done something wrong, illegal, or embarrassing to lose the teeth in our mouths. We have not! It is beyond our control, unfortunately.

I have bad receding gums at the moment and im scared to lose my teeth. I highly suggest to anyone to try oil pulling with coconut oil. If you dont know what it is google it. It gets rid of the bacteria in your mouth that causes gum disease. Brushing your teeth alone wont get rid of the bacteria.

wow. i am so glad i found this site, for at least i feel a little better knowing that im not alone. I am 24 yrs old. when i was 16 my mom got hurt at work and went on workmans comp. for the first time in my life i was able to get state insurance, for my single hard working mother always made too much to get any help, but only made enough to just cover the bills and expenses of living. I went to the dentist and had ALOT of fillings done. the problem is, i think they did alot of unnecessary filling to get the medicaid money, and did not to a good job at all. I couldn't really floss i have alot of cavities that started at the gumline, and in between my teeth. some cavities ive had over 2 yrs. when i did have the money to go to dentist, something always seemed to come up that the money had to be spent on. and i have a daughter and its like when i was pregnant, it took the calcium from my teeth or something. I had a cavity in between one of my front tooth, and it got so bad that both sides of the tooth broke off. I hadnt smiled in a long time, and have also been single because i dont want to meet anyone. I finally went to a dentist and got a treatment plan. the total cost is $29,000. i have had 3 back teeth pulled, a root canal and build up on front tooth, a deep filling that still bothers me, and a filling on another front tooth. and i still need crowns on all my top teeth.They are changing dental insurance. i have to have a deep cleaning, and a few more fillings, but after i get healthy i can enroll in their dental plan, and it will cost $40 a month and it will take 50% off the cost of my treatment plan, and anything i need done no matter what it is after i complete the treatment plan, the $40 a month will cover. by the way the dental place is called empressions dental. they were great to me. they were the first dentist to not make me feel like a side show to be gawked at, or embarassed. they also informed me that alot of it is just genetics. but they have worked with my mom to help her afford to pay for the work i had done, for not one job i have interview for hired me, i feel because of my teeth. and i am a beautiful girl, but i cried when i got home and could smile again. i still have alot of work to be done, and i dont know how i will find the money. But i prayed for god to find a way for me to pay for the previous things i just had done, and then i got offered the dental plan, and they also gave me a plan that takes 25% cost cut for $100 a year, wich really does take a chunk out when your looking at the cost of crowns. just please dont lose hope, because thats all we have.
i Just dont understand why there isnt state dentist or a state loan to get the dental work done. for 1 we could actually die from tooth infections, and 2 how are we to ever become a productive working member of society if we are in pain constantly and no one will hire you because they think your a meth head or something. Its crazy that we put put making money over suffering people, because we are suffering in more ways than one!! I and many of you are way to young to have dentures. this is a horrible problem that someone needs to address and find solutions to. we are suppose to be the future, but how can we be when we are slowly dieing. LOVE and BLESSING to all of you!!!

I have the same problem... I'm afraid to eat half the time and constantly worried about my teeth breaking off. I didn't have dental insurance for more than 5 years and in those five years I began having severe toothaches all over my mouth so I chose to have the most painful tooth pulled and the dentist was pulling so hard I heard my jaw cracking on the opposite side and have had a problem worth my jaw locking if I keep my mouth open for more than 5 minutes at a time. My bottom teeth are breaking slowly and now I only have some root pieces sticking out of my gums except for the front ones that I don't use to chew with. I finally got dental insurance and had a deep cleaning done and had to take alot of breaks. Even with taking breaks at the end I couldn't close my mouth and my jaw was popping really loud when I tried.had some fillings done and a chipped front tooth fixed, but my dentist said he wouldn't see me again until I got my jaw fixed. He referred me to a jaw specialist and they told me I'd have to pay 500 just for the consultation! Well, I didn't have money for that so haven't gone back to the dentist. Why won't dentists allow payments? It is so frustrating, and I'm sick of worrying about my teeth, it has been almost 12 years of teeth problems! I finally got dental again so I'm going to go to a different dentist and just have small things done at each visit. I'm so embarrassed about my teeth when I go to a new dentist, but I know that they have seen worse.

I hope this helps someone here.

In 2010, I had veneers placed on some of my upper front teeth. Unfortunately, I have Tourette's and within a year had destroyed all of them including some of my natural teeth. My tics will cause me to grind and do other unnatural movements with my jaw. I really was quite heartbroken at the whole situation, especially since dental work isn't cheap!

After looking around for about about a year, I found a reputable dentist in Costa Rica. I know this doesn't sound like the best route to take, but when you don't have much money options are limited. The place that I went to is run by an American guy named, mike lomax. It's called Costa Rica dental team.

I had 11 crowns placed about two years ago and haven't had any problems yet. A couple of chips here and there but that is due to my tics. My dentist up here even agreed that the work was of good quality. I do still live in constant fear of damaging my teeth further, but you just have to take it one day at a time. Really hope this helps somebody here. I hope this goes without saying, but I am in no way affiliated with this company.

I am so sorry for your loss. I am older than you and going through the same situation. After spending $30,000 to fix my teeth with crowns and bridges in front I found out that I had a very poor dentist who did root canals on the side teeth top and bottom and did not repair the damage and the teeth just decayed after 5 years. All of a sudden they started breaking and I went to other dentist and got the story straight. I almost let this so called dentist work on me again and then bells started going off after I had spent $8000 more for the kind of dentures that have pins in them. I left him and had to have all of my teeth pulled. Well, they have to rest for 3 months before I can be fitted for dentures. I have not walked out of my house since that happened. I am supposed to be fitted for the dentures the middle of November and get a cheap pair to see if they will look right because there was nothing there to go by. Believe me I have cried until I just cry croc tears. I feel like I will look awful but this is my only way out. I like you, am not rich and we have had to do without to do this. I have all of my mirrors covered because if I look I feel faint. Honest! I will be thinking about you and pray everything will turn out. I try to think about all of the things that could happen and feel lucky. I could be going through worse but this takes the cake.
I only hope that my first dentist will get what is coming to him. I feel like what goes around comes around but it is not my place to do the honors. It will happen.
Good luck to you. Dee

I find it hard to believe that people that young can lose there teeth from decay unless they don't take vitamins, minerals, natural mouth wash, and non fluoride toothpaste. BTW never chew sugar gum .. Only the fake sugar stuff, but then you get cancer.

That is the most stupid thing to say

A lot of things can cause people to lose their teeth!!! Drugs, Diabetes, Gum Disease, Decay , Eating Disorders, Fighting, Car Accidents, Dry Mouth, Genetics. And a lot of people don't have dental insurance because a lot of jobs don't offer dental insurance most jobs only offer health insurance since health is more important!!!
Also most things can cause cancer now a days!!!

I have the same exact problem :( your not alone.People tell me Im beautiful ,but because I have bad teeth I just feel so damn ugly

I've read some of the more recent replies. I was going to say that too much fluoride can cause the tooth and gum issues you, me, and many others are suffering through. I wish I had my hands on the data that proves this (I studied chemistry at university, so subscriptions were covered by them) but I can't afford access to this information. If you live in an area where the tap water is treated with Floride, then I would suggest switching to a non-florinated toothpaste, or just using baking soda and peroxide. Yes, it tastes like hell, but it cleans and whitens teeth. However, you can't use it every day/multiple times a day. That would be too abrasive on your enamel. Just a tooth brush and peroxide would do the trick in between times. BUT DON'T SWALLOW THE PEROXIDE AND DON'T USE WITH SMALL CHILDREN. Anyway, even if you live in an area where your taps aren't florinated, you may still want to switch pastes. Floride and Fluorine are toxic to the human body. Even at very low doses. I wish I could point you all to the papers I had to read and analyze at Uni. The really messed up part is that fluoride toothpaste is cheaper. So, if you are like me, that's all you can afford to buy. Only I cut back to brushing my teeth once a day. That doesn't change the fact that I have got over 15 cavities and most are below my gum line where brushing and flossing are ineffective. (That should tell you right there that it is not our dental hygiene that is at fault.) But I have managed to avoid costly dental work over the past 10 years. I saw the dentist before I went to uni 10 years ago and I was still covered under my parents insurance. The dentist told me the number of cavities I had, but they were too small to have anything done about them. Then I read those papers and immediately cut back on tap water and fluoride paste. I bought a diiferent paste whenever I could save up for it. I bet most of you, like me, rarely eat sweets because someone told you not to and to "always brush and floss." Please, please, please, switch pastes. Give your teeth a chance. Don't take my word as law. I am not a healthcare professional nor a dentist. I am offering only my free opinion. And I encourage people to read medical/health/scientific journals and other periodicals if you can. The information is out there, you just have to pay for it, unfortunately.

My husband is 33 and he has like 6 teeth loose hes going crazy and no insurance at all what are simptoms of gum disease

im 27. like most of your stories, I too was on my parents insurance until 18. over the last 9 years my teeth have slowly gotten worse, all my fillings have long been fallen out. my situation, is the problem starts at the gumline right on the bottom of my teeth in the back. cavities start forming there and below where I can brush/ floss. eventually it turns into a hole which eventually breaks off at some point. now I have 2 teeth on each side on the top and bottom, in the back that are all atleast halfway broken apart. and when they do the pieces of tooth literally crumble in my fingers like chalk. now there is food that constantly gets stuck in the holes. to make matters worse, recently my front middle top tooth chipped, and its already coroded halfway across the tooth and is noticeable now if I smile from 10 feet away. im in constant pain, miss the taste of a nice chewy steak or a candy. I can't afford any dental work. any. not even a pulled tooth.. its eat and have a roof over my head that month or get 1 tooth pulled. at the rate of my teeth deterioration, I will be gumming food by 30. in so sad over this but it does help to know im not alone. Hopefully this obamacare will make it easier to get dental work done. God bless and good luck. -evan d.

I have the same problem and just now got dental again...I have all the top teeth, but I have many holes or cracked teeth and I don't have and good bottom teeth except the front ones that I don't chew with. A dentist pulled a bottom tooth towards the front and I could hear my jaw cracking on the opposite side so now I can't keep my mouth open for more than 5 minutes without my jaw trying to lock and it makes a horrible popping noise... my previous dentist said he wouldn't see me until I see a jaw specialist, and the specialist said is have to pay 500 dollars just for a consultation! Obama care really isn't good like I thought it'd be. Glad there are other people out there with similar situations, I am so depressed and sick of these teeth problems

Hi i now how you feel im in my fortys and im just slowly watching my teeth rot i had a bad session a few years ago with my dentist so im to scared to go and cant afford treatment didnt care when it was my back teeth but now my front,im so desperate i glue a false nail over one of them totaly depressed so i no exactly how you feel.x

I use wax for people with braces on the sharp or broken parts and I am like you, I have broken or crumbling back teeth and now I am having problems towards the front on the kicks in December 1st but my jaw locks after being open five minutes if im laying back in a chair. So depressed about teeth issues since 2002 or 2003...ugh

i am 16 and i fell and broke my front tooth,later it was extracted. nw i find it hard to smile because i dont want every one to knw tht my tooth is extracted. i have a boyfriend who is realy nice but i am wondering if he would like fall in love with some one who has perfect teeth to laugh often and smile. people say i am serious, but i never told them y i dont laugh often. i have no self confidence, well i dnt have a problem with reading aloud. it is hard to pronounce sme words and its kinda embarassing when ppl find out cauz it seems like a big exclamation

Aww :( Which front tooth did you have to have pulled?? Was an upper top front middle tooth?? Did you ever get it replaced? If you did how did you??
If you don't mind me asking x
I'm sure your boyfriend loves you just the way that you are and he shouldn't leave you just because of that!!!


completely relate to you.. it unbelievable how i am 23 years of age and i've always brushed flossed & mouth washed my mouth .. since i could remember. in NZ dental care is free till 18.. i had "prefect" teeth till day i turned 18.. and had to get 10 small filling every were.. since then its worst nightmare. the dentist ******.. didnt do it correctly fillings.. and some fell out within 2 years. I explained to another dentist i dont floss to much because they ripp my fillings out.. he said i must do it so i did and & of course they came out slowly. a few years ago i complained to many doctors about my teeth..that my gums would bleed. & no dentist would tell me i had gum disease.. till i saw i advert.. the paradontix disease toothpaste advert. i though to myself.. i must have that.. as a few years past.. till i knew of this.. but i think it had allready gone past the stage of cure.. my teeth are prefect its all the gums my rear back teeth get eaten from the top all four i try everything to eliminate it.. but i dont understand how this can happen.. it saddens me because tonight i had a piece of pizza and my front side tooth (the sharp) one complete split in half.. now i cant smile.. ive read documents on internet and they say if you grow up on the country side with floride in your water.. that is a main reason why your teeth & gums are weak.. but how can they sale toothpaste with floride.. my friends dont look after their teeth.. yet theirs are prefect.. i feel cheated. and im female like urself.. i just dont know how to get ride of this .. and every dentist i seem to go to dont give me any or not the correct advice.. my gums are tight.. my teeth are shrinking .. its difently the worst i wise dentist were free. for cases like ours. :((