I Look Like A Chipmunk

I need to get my teeth sorted they are so ugly and I'm so lonely

jojoug jojoug
41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I am 53, and only have 4 bottom teeth in my mouth. Some of them are broken off . I don't like to open my mouth, because I don't want people to see how ugly I am.

you dont need to be lonely, there are lots of people who will understand, im just one of them, i know how you feel - my teeth are so bad and ugly they ruin my face, and i hate talking to people am so sure they are looking at my teeth, but who you are is really what matters, for years i thought id be alone forever but then i was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man who loves me despite my teeth, just keep being you and it will happen - who wants to be with someone who only wants you if you look perfect anyway! you really arnt alone in this xx