The Grand Malarchy Ball is held but once a season.

It's for a good cause but there isn't any reason.


Your fancy foil invite is torn up at the door.

Your nametag says you're someone that you never met before.




There is no way to describe the experience of ballyzooking the fnerple tward with ordinary 3 dimensional words. Let me just say that it is very exhilerating & confusing. Once you have done it, you can never go back. Also it gives you X-ray peripherial vision. There is as much truth to this as there is heaviness in a bologna sandwich.


LarsLavacado LarsLavacado
31-35, M
2 Responses Aug 21, 2009

yerp. your name tag can read Dawg Corn Sassofrass Jr. with Habenero Sauce if you should so randomly decide.

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Candy Corn