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I live in FL where the climate is pretty much hot/warm all year, and I stay barefoot all the time. When I go to the stores I'm that way and sometimes I'm asked too put shoes on, but I hate it and protest. I like too fight for my right too be barefoot, I hate discrimination, there isn't anything unsanitary about barefeet so I know its OK. If aybody is interested check out Or 
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3 Responses Jun 1, 2011

Most stores I go do not bother me being barefooted

Last Wednesday I went barefoot inside a Walgreens I've never been to before and one of the employees told me that I needed to have shoes on inside. I stood my ground and told her that all I needed was money from the ATM. SHe told me that was fine. I got what I came for and left. I've been barefoot inside several Walgreens and this is the first time someone told me I needed footwear. Probably that was just a misinformed employee but I don't think I'm going back to that particular Walgreens again.

Keep going back so that they get used too seeing you barefoot.

I live in Clearwater, FL. I can't gooutdoors barefoot as my soles are too sensitive. Even walking in the grass barefoot makes me laugh! Silly, right?

Keep up the fight. I know I see more people going barefoot since I started. It will catch on eventually.