Barefoot More Often Than Not

I like going barefoot. Some of my favorite places to go is a local park, gocery store, post office, gas station, liquor store and ATM. I haven't had much problem with other people complaining about my bare feet. If they do I would complain about their complaining. I enjoy a barefoot lifestyle and want to live it to it's fullest. Yes shoes are a necessity at times but I find going barefoot to be something of a greater good experience. It is one that allows me to enjoy life to it's fullest. As a rule I too will not go to stores that have No Shirt, No Shoes No Service signs on them. I did go to a Denney's in South Padre Texas barefoot on vacation a few years ago. That establishment had a No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service sign and I went anyway. I had no problem and neither did they.
I find that if you smile and have a feeling of confidence about you and have clean hygiene no one cares. I also find that if you are the first to ask a question about something they are more interested in answering your question than telling you to put on shoes.
I allways want to make conversation with onother barefooter if I encounter one even if it is just "Hi". I feel great to begin with and feel even better that I was able to exchange some good pleasentries with another like minded sole. I go barefoot and you should too. After a while it becomes normal as it should. It gives me a feeling of peace and in this world peace is what we need most.

Leave your shoes and your worries behind
Go barefoot!!! and enjoy life!!!
iwonto iwonto
41-45, M
Jan 14, 2012