I Sure Do

At the moment, I do, in fact, have bare feet. Now, I've been barefoot every single time I've been on EP. But that's beside the point. At the moment, it's 4:30 in the afternoon on the 4th of July and I'm sitting on my parents' porch with my bare feet up on the rail so all the neighbors have the misfortune of staring at my dirty soles. =P But my feet have been bare for two straight days and I'm not excited about breaking that streak when I go back to work tomorrow.
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11 Responses Jul 4, 2012

Are you barefoot now?

i love making barefoot prints in the snow especially at public entrances and places where people can't miss seeing. I can handle only a few short minutes of being nude and barefoot in the snow but it feels great.

me too. I like to put my barefeet out the car window going down the highway. I love barefeet and it's very arousing to have people stare at my barefeet in public. I have to ask, why is it that adults won't always notice but when i'm barefoot in public, it's always the children I hear saying, look he's barefoot. they stare shamelessly at my feet. I know they want to be barefoot too. I totally get that. I guess adults really don't look down.

Ouside of wearing flip flops going to and from work I have been barefoot for ten years and love. it. I also love to see barefoot people. It makes a cute girl even cuter.

Sounds like you had a great holiday. I spent my fourth of July barefoot too. I also spent Labor Day the same way.

Sweet Profanity,<br />
I know about websites but I enjoy someone not selling herself. It is so much more human and real.

I would be happy to see those bare feet even with dirty soles.

I love to be barefoot too. It's the best.

I love being bare feet. I even like to walk in the rain with my bare feet across the grass. it feels awesome.

My barefeet celebrated the 4th of July today with a picnic. After parking a block away, me and my barefeet walked through the streets of Coconut Grove to a nearby park to have lunch and walk around in the nicely fresh grass.

I've been barefoot for so long, I think my feet would protest if I were to put on any kind of shoe.