A Horrible Addiction.

I have this wierd habit, and it can actually get me in a lot of trouble. I like to make up stories about my life being bad, so i can get atttention from people.

I like the feeling of people having to watch over you adn care for you, it makes you feel good.

So heres the story:

LAst year I pretended to cut my wrists, so teachers at school would feel bad for me. But then, I actually fell into depression, and really did start cutting my wrists,

Then: TODAY.

I pretended, while i was in a dance class at my school, that i was feeling really light headed, jsut so my teacher would give me special attention.

the thing about it is, is that waht ever i pretend to have a problem wiht, i actually end up haveing a real problem with. Since school started, i have only been eating one meal a day, and when i do eat that meal, i go strait to the scale adn weigh myself, adn if it is above 139 i feel miserable.

I think through all this pertending to be anorexic, i actually am starting to be anorexic.

can anyone relate to this attention problem that i am having?? i really dont know how to conquer it.
cdowen cdowen
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1 Response Sep 12, 2007

yeah.. i don't think then that you should be in the group: I battled anorexia :S<br />
YOu should find help, because this is serious. It is not good to find attention this way. I do recognize what you mean.. But I guess this isn't how you want to live the rest of your life?