Its Not Easy !


i am new to this site having just stumbled upon it & thought this is someplace that might make a difference.

I suffered severe depression for 7 yrs but for over 2 yrs now i have been really good & been off my mediciation for the same time But i know what it feels like when your there & i am not saying now my life is great, these last two yrs have by no where near been the best of my life, i still have days where i could go back on tablets but so far i am fighting through it all without going down that road again i would like to help or chat to anyone who like me has been there,is there now or who like me is really trying to make every day count & get through it.

The biggest two things in my life were finding out  I  couldnt have the children i so desperately wanted & my husband leaving me for someone 15yrs younger than me, but i have come through them both, well the children one ended up great i adopted my great,lovely,beautiful,caring,loving,son who is my total insperation. As for the husband front i truely realise i dont need a man in my life BUT if i found a good one i wouldnt turn the man away.

Hope people understand where i am coming from xx

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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

congrats on your beautiful little boy! :) <br />
keep your head up and just remember life is tough but you are tougher!<br />
<br />

I'm glad, goodluck with your new life. Also you don't need a man for happiness your son fills that position. =)