When Do I Know I'm Safe

So I've had depression since I can ever remeber and its been getting worse and worse nothing to life for. No one who cares about me. And it was constant 24/7 i cut my wrists a lot I've attempted suicide 4 times all really funny stories actully aha that's weird to say but aproching everthing with humor is The way I survive. And well a couple people had an intervention for me my three daughters actulley. For all those who are worried about them there parents who i have known since i was a child died recently and there arnt a lot of people who would addopt three girls at a time. So it was either me or being seperated. The are very self sufficent some times they are the stronger ones. Well the intervention lit a fire up under my ***, i realized that I had brought the responsability of these girls on myself and I owed it to them to be a father. I don't care anymore that I'm mentally ill and medicaly depressed. I choose to put this behind me and stop being selfish and grow up and out of this self pity. I am starting to come to grips that it was not the illness it was my weekness of charecter. And that I can do this I dont need medication I will be what my father with the little time he had tried to create. A man. And I've been feeling so strong like a fire on the inside.So it can be done. But I do have a question is this just a phase will my depression return at some point. And is there a point where I know I am better?
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1 Response Aug 14, 2010

What kind of household did you grow up in? It can have alot to do with alot of things...