Your Not A Mother Your A Monster I Hope You Know This.

i hate how because her mother treated her like **** she feels the need to treat her daughter the way her mother treated her! i've always wondered what it is about me that people just don't like but i've realized it's not me and i no longer care what they think. i remember i was 6 years old the last time i saw my mother i stayed at her house just before easter but as excited as i was to see her she hated having me there even though i was only 6 i could tell mostly because she ignored me the whole time i was there i slept on the couch with my brother and i remember i had a nightmare that night and quietly walked over to her room and asked her if i could sleep with her because i was scared and she didnt even look at me she just hastily said "it was ******* dream go back to sleep" i will never forget how much those eight words hurt i went out and sat in the hallway and cried all night until i fell asleep. when i woke up i ate cereal then she told me to get dressed so she could take me back to my dad. i never wanted to see her again and she never wanted to see me again. i hope to break this cycle of bullies and unconditionally love my children if i have any no matter what! i vowed this to myself that night.
smilesandmascara smilesandmascara
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2012