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Hello all, I am a fellow depressive. I am a pretty motivated person, so I did a lot of research on my own because the doctors didn't really help me all that much. 8 years later, I got it figured out. Now, I just wanna make sure that everyone else knows what I know, so they can feel as I feel. I made a little video explaining my theory and another one showing how to apply the theory safely.


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Lots to respond to here, let me see if I can get to it. First of all, I kind of take offense to any comparison with Scientology. I am not spouting off that I have cured the world of depression. I state that it's a theory and I am hoping to work with people to see if I am correct.

"proposed treatment is limited to milder cases of depression."

Actually, it's the exact opposite. I am working for people like me with severe depression, for which drugs have failed or are inadequate. If your drugs work for you- great! Then you have no reason seek any improvements. If not, then we gotta keep trying until we find something that DOES work.

"I am not vitamin deficient."

I never claimed you were vitamin deficient. This isn't the core of the theory- just part of the treatment. The theory purports that depression is a syndrome of the immune system. A over-reaction, to be specific. I am sure your friend can tell you of the calming effects Vitamin D has on your immune system. The point is not that you're deficient. The point is that you need to take excess in order to compensate for your immune system. Other drugs could do the same, but Vitamin D is effective and safe.

Also, I am NOT claiming that I have the solution to all depression. I believe that depression has many variations. My work is just on mine. I think that mine is a significant portion of the genetic depressives. But if it doesn't work for you, it's either not your variation, or my idea is crap. The only way to find out, is to try.

"Nothing, and I mean nothing, helped either of us with depression until we found the right doctor and got on the right medications."

I felt the same way about 9 months ago except for the part about the docs with the right meds. I saw a bunch of em', I took a bunch of em'. It didn't work for me, so I had to keep looking. I vowed to keep looking; that I could never give up.

"Major Clinical Depression is not caused by a vitamin deficiency. It is caused, with a few exceptions such as trauma, by the brain's inability to utilize it's neurotransmitters."

Actually, nobody knows what causes depression. Full stop. No exceptions. There are A LOT of guesses, a lot of drugs. Interestingly, the drugs came first, then people guessed as to why they helped. There is no way of testing someone for neurotransmitter levels or usage outside of cracking open your skull, cutting out a piece of your brain, and having that tested.

"It is not "curable," but it is manageable."

Agreed, I am proposing a regiment to keep your body in check, not a cure.

I will add a interesting side note~ All of the drugs you and I have ever taken for depression get tested on animals -rats most often. They are the first testing grounds for if it works and if it doesn't. So... how does one get a depressed rat? Most of the time, they inject cytokines directly into them, in order to boost their immune systems. This is the most accurate way of simulating depression- Over-active immune system.

Also, in a recent British study on MDD, women in the UK, nearly 100% of the women tested for high immune systems. They also had excessive levels of bone loss for their age. Food for thought.

BG Charltons Paper:

My papers that explain my theory:

P.S. In case you decide you want to watch the video, I have a friend who's on dial-up as well. I know it'll take awhile to load, but it will load. Try opening the link, allow it time to load a little, and then click pause shortly and leave the windows there. If you take a shower, by the time you come back, they should both be completely loaded and ready to watch.

P.S.S. If you're using dial-up, I hope you're not having to pay for it because if you possibly live in Southern California, there's

I would love to watch it but I have dial up, and it takes FOREVER to load. Could you give me some idea of what your ideas are.....I struggle with major depression daily, and the meds take away the suicidal thoughts, but they DON'T stop me from wishing I could die. I really would like to know more...