I Can't Seem To Make Ppl Believe I'm Not Conceded

SInce I was little, averyone used to say I should model. I have never believed I was pretty enough and since I actually started to try and model, I feel like everyone sees me as some conceded person. I still don't believe I'm some crazy hot chick but i'm starting to be more comfortable in my skin. But now the guys I work with think that I think i'm some cute chick but I really just laugh at everythin and try and make the best out of any situation. I haven't stopped crying for the last 2 hours.
Jonnette1991 Jonnette1991
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

Thank you...its kinda got harder too cuz my boyfriend of 11 months just broke up with me cuz he said he was tired of bein jealous and he didnt believe that i had a future plan out...it hurts..