My Enemy Is Me.

i m in depression since my childhood start. i have no friend i dont have any single friend i m alone.i just want to be alone i m afraid to make a frnd noone is your real frnd some friends support you but they will also go. when my father die its like hell since that day i see every worst part of life i m 18 yr old but i have deep experience of 40 year old man i see every face of life i have also a addiction of masburation and i hates girls for some reasons but that doesnt mean i dont do respect of girls i respect girls but i hate them all addiction kill me everyday every second of my life making me feel weak and low i tried so many times but i m the biggest ************ i want to kill myself. i cant tell this depression is killing me there is no one who cry for my death instead of my mom i have no one in my family instead of my mom if i m living and bearing this depression just for her otherwise i dont care about myself no body's care its the human nature we listen, think ,sad,cry do everything but at the end we forget. i m loosing all i want god in my life i want someone please save me save me plzzz
Rahuldharma Rahuldharma
18-21, M
3 Responses Jan 30, 2013

Maybe a dog would be a good friend for you to help until you are older, it's a start, maybe a push bike.
Do you have someone you can trust maybe they can help you or get some help for you.

thanx i like yours word its make me feel good. u r sixteen but you are a really good guy.. i believe our frndship will go..long way cause i think u r bearing same pain that i m bearing..

well i'm sixteen male and i've attempted suicide 3 times and have been battling depression all my life but if you want to talk i'm here just message me i proberly can't make you feel better but i can try.

bro u put security in your walll i cant add you add me in your circle.