So since i was little i have had depression problems,i didn't actually noticed until it got really bad in high school.I can't tell anyone in my family cause they won't actually get it.One member of my family has a similar problem and they treated that person as if she was crazy and if she choose to have a mental illness,so it has been hard to deal with it,i still try to fight depression everyday but is difficult when you don't have someone to help you either a therapist (too expensive) or someone who listens to what you have to say.I try to come up with things to do and push myself somedays when i don't even wanna get out of bed,but,does any of you have some suggestions in other things i can do to try to overcome depression by myself or handle it better? i'll appreciate if you comment below.
What i try is too keep busy,i sometimes go out with some people,not very often,but sometimes or listen music,i sing,still those things are not enough at times
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You can write out what you feel, i used to go to the movies by myself it sucked ); eat by myself do things by myself, my bf who is now my ex wasn't there for me i would have to hang by myself eat popcorn and just sit and cry );

I sometimes write the way i feel,i just wish i would have someone to tell everything too,now i have my boyfriend,but idk sometimes i don't too tell to much of what i been thru because i don't wanna scare him even tho he is a supportive person at times,but well is still hard i keep trying to look or be good enough for everyone,i usually go to the movies by myself it doesn't bothered me since i am used to it and it's like my ''me'' time i guess,eat by myself i also do that sometimes,even tho at times i am not gonna lie has been a bit awkward to see everyone with someone else and i am there just checking out the news on my phone or something,but i also would like to you know hang out and go out with other people.Lately i been trying to go out more with my friends which is good,but i have a really small group of ''friends'' so i don't wanna ask them if they wanna go out really often cause sit might get tiring,but when i don't keep busy i start to overthink,get anxious and depressed,plus my family doesn't hep at all.They have no clue of course,i guess i am maybe way too good to hide how i really feel.Also thanks for the link i'll check it out for sure! I used to do kindness actions,but cause of school and all i stopped and now i am just making excuses cause of the time and blah blah so i'lll try to come back to that

same here didn't notice until high school ); my family didn't understand either felt alone all the time. );

oh so u did tell your family? what was their firs reaction? i haven't told them,not even one word about it.My thoughts are like if i ever try to find help it would be by myself and maybe after ri overcome that i'll tell them or probably i would never tell them cause they are not the kind of ''supportive'' family when it comes to mental illness