I Don't Find These Stories Helpful

I have battled depression since childhood and have been hospitalized since then, have been on about 3 dozen medications -- each requiring months to try. When I try to find people on the Internet with chronic depression, I don't find it very helpful. Most people have on-and-off depression over many years, and they consider that chronic. They get married, have children, have people they love and who love them. This has absolutely nothing to do with the abyss I have been in for about 40 years. Where every moment is torture. Absolute torture. And no amount of therapy, medication or hospitalization has helped. Certain treatments I can't get. I can't find anyone on the Internet, even, to identify with. And on top of that, I get people saying, "Well, you couldn't have tried EVERYTHING." Yes, I have. I've tried everything medically indicated that's available to me. And it is not in "stages" where it "feels like it will never end." It has NEVER ENDED, not since it began when I was a child.


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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I am sorry that you have battled this illness for so long. And it is an illness that is very misunderstood.<br />
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People who have never experienced depression cant grasp the feeling of dispair that it produces.<br />
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I cannot gurantee I can help, but I am willing to listen.