I have fought depression my whole life. Just one thing after another. I have been molested, beaten, cheated on, and everyone I grow to love dies or leaves. And I have a father that neglects until he wants money. I am trying to find a reason to continue going. 
Gillian Gillian
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 4, 2007

i feel the exact same wayy. many of therapists, hospital stays, medication, drinking, running away, cutting, group therapy, social workers, nothing helps.

I've tried professional help, therapy, medication and nothing seems work, does anyone else relate to this? Sometimes it feels like I'm doomed and death would be a welcome relief.

Have you tried seeking professional help? Support groups have helped me in the past. Even though you are feeling depressed there are other venues that can help. Please seek them out. We all deserve to be happy.