Hate Myself

I have had body image problems from very early on in my life. I have never been doagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, but have never seen anyone about it either. I litrally ge weird habbits wih my jaw becase I think about my jawline and face length al the time. I dont let anyone touch my face. I am planning on getting plastic surgeryas soon as i can. Everyone tells me I am beautiful, and that I have a model face, but I really dont see it. I spend almost all my time taking pictures of myself, looking at pictures of myself, or searching plastic surgery online. I started to have an obsession with watching plastic surgery shows, but I try to hide the fact I watch them from everyone. I think I do have an obsession with plastic surgery. I am too embarrassed to see any one about this. I fel like no one understands,or thnks im crazy fr thinking this. It just started out with me hating my nose, to hating literally every part of my face.I am also afraid I am slowly turning uglier eery day.
elle1994 elle1994
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2010