The Media Makes Me Depressed (warning: Possible Triggers)

I try to avoid "shallow" media (like TMZ and such) as much as possible, but sometimes it's inescapable... whenever I see such shows, or movies or even websites where they praise women only due to their bodies and criticize women who're "ugly" for their standards, I can't help but feel depressed and loathe my body. I have small breasts, and a pear shaped body, and messages about how big breasts are better always get to me and make me feel miserable... when I avoid such things I even start liking my body, but there's always a video, show, movie or ad just around the corner that ends up making me feel like crap. I know people say it's just fantasy but it doesn't really seem like it, especially when I see how guys my age (or even older!!) react to all that **** with so much enthusiasm or how they put down women like me, and being a straight woman (I'm 23), I can't help feeling bad. I just wish there was a way to banish these thoughs and preoccupations...
sadandpathetic sadandpathetic
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I can understand your feelings. I also often try to avoid media but it is almost impossible。。every time i read a magazine or something like<br />
that i can't help myself gazing at the beautiful women in the ads. They're just so perfect and of course I know that these pictures are processed with photo shop but it's still so hard to realize that I‘m ugly and that it's impossible for me to approach their beauty. I believe there's a close connection between this problem and low self-esteem.